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Rivals Rankings Week: Biggest movers in 2023 Rivals250

The postseason update of the 2023 Rivals250 is out, and there are a lot of changes. Here is a look at the 10 biggest movers in the new Rivals250.



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JOSHUA PADILLA: Moved up 122 spots  

Padilla, an Ohio State commit, is a versatile offensive lineman with a skill set that should allow him to play a variety of positions up front for the Buckeyes. Coming up from outside the top 200, Padilla played mostly tackle this season and showcased the quickness and athleticism of an exceptional offensive line prospect.

He is a tough, aggressive lineman that does a great job holding his blocks and driving his defender backward. Padilla also has the flexibility to be able to play with leverage and there is a lot of room to fill out his frame with solid muscle at the next level.



NOAH ROGERS: Moved up 114 spots  

Rogers was a human highlight reel this season, and it was really impressive to see how big he is while still being as quick-twitch as he's shown all season. Now at No. 65 in the Rivals250, Rogers has the ability to win jump balls, take short catches and turn them into big gains, break tackles in the open field and is a reliable target across the middle. He's also a major factor in the return game.

North Carolina, NC State, Penn State and many others are involved, but there is still a lot to unfold in his recruitment.


CHANDAVIAN BRADLEY: Moved up 101 spots

Another prospect that moved up more than 100 spots, Bradley is a special talent that has a bright future as an edge rusher at the college level. At 6-foot-6, Bradley has a huge wingspan that can make life very difficult for offensive tackles and their quarterbacks.

The Missouri standout has great burst at the snap and displays the balance needed to bend and turn the corner to get to the quarterback. Early on in his recruitment, Kansas State, Iowa State, Oklahoma and a few others have caught his eye.


KALEB JACKSON: Moved up 98 spots

Jackson brings a lot to the table as a running back because he is a threat to score on almost every touch. He has documented elite speed (10.6 in the 100m) and really packs a punch at 200 pounds. He has the toughness and vision to run between the tackles and make defenders miss, even when they have the angle on him.

Jackson does a great job getting to the edge of the defense and can find the cutback lane when needed. On film, Jackson can be seen lining up as a receiver and runs pretty good routes. He hasn't been needed too much as a receiver this season but it's an area of his game college coaches will put to use.

LSU will be a factor in his recruitment but it will be a crowded field before all is said and done.


OLAUS ALINEN: Moved up 86 spots

Alinen, the massive European playing in New England, did a great job reshaping his body this offseason, and it showed on the field this fall. His flexibility has improved and it's allowed him to play with better leverage and showcase his athleticism on the edge of the line of scrimmage. Alinen is very strong and it shows on film when he's driving defenders backward and finishing his blocks.

Alabama, Penn State, Stanford, Oregon, USC and the Florida schools are just a few to watch in his recruitment.


NYCKOLES HARBOR: Moved up 85 spots

Quite possibly the freakiest athlete in the nation, Harbor stands tall at 6-foot-5, 220 pounds and ran a 10.31-second 100-meter dash and a 6.79-second 60-meter. He's developing well as a defensive end/outside linebacker hybrid and has also made a lot of plays as a tight end. Harbor's upside is tremendous and his best football is definitely ahead of him.

Watch for Michigan, Maryland, Penn State, South Carolina, Ohio State, Oregon, Oklahoma and many others to be heavily involved in his recruitment.


KEON KEELEY: Moved up 78 spots

Keeley is an exciting prospect with a really high ceiling as a pass rusher. The Notre Dame commit has the size and quickness to present a constant mismatch with offensive tackles. Keeley's hand techniques are coming along nicely and he's able to overpower linemen without using much leverage.

He has a chance to move even higher in the rankings if continues to refine his skillset and take advantage of his natural athleticism.



KEDRICK REESCANO: Moved up 78 spots

A strong back that's hard to bring down, Reescano has a running style that college coaches love to see. He has good vision when running between the tackles and can run through or simply outrun defenders. Reescano is also an asset as a receiver out of the backfield and can consistently win when matched up with a defensive back in the open field.

It's still fairly early in his recruitment, but Michigan State, Oklahoma State and Houston have made an early impression.


CHARLES JAGUSAH: Moved up 73 spots  

There's a lot to like about Jagusah's game, and it starts with his combination of quickness and strength. He does a great job coming off the ball quickly and drives his defender backward on running plays. Jagusah routinely rag-dolls defenders in pass protection and he's only getting better with his hands and sense of timing.

At 6-foot-6, 285 pounds, Jagusah has a great frame to build on and has a skillset that should allow him to play guard at the next level, if needed.

Notre Dame, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Tennessee and many others are heavily pursuing him.


CEDRIC BAXTER: Moved up 64 spots 

Baxter is a tall back with good burst and he's proven to be slippery in the open field. He can get to the edge of the defense quickly and runs with a physical style. Baxter is hard to bring down once he gets to the second and third levels of the defense and he has a knack for finding the end zone, which he did more than 20 times this season.

Alabama recently hosted Baxter for a visit and he'll be a top target for all the in-state schools.