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Rivals Rankings Podcast: Scout Shemy Schembechler joins the pod


The Rivals Rankings podcast welcomes a special guest this week. Josh Helmholdt sits down with Shemy Schembechler, the son of Michigan Hall of Fame coach Bo Schembechler, and discusses Schembechler's scouting career that has spanned the NFL, college and high school football. They discuss how players are evaluated at each level, Tom Brady's recruitment to Michigan and more.

Episode rundown:

2:40 – Schembechler’s background and how he got into scouting

8:48 – Difference between talent evaluation for CFB and NFL

11:19 – The evaluation that led the Washington Redskins to draft Purdue’s Ryan Kerrigan

12:48 – The evaluation of Nebraska’s Niles Paul

14:10 – A key to evaluating high school players

15:45 – Why prospects in your home region hold more value

18:43 – The story behind Tom Brady’s recruitment to Michigan

22:56 – A Michigan State QB whose career path remarkably resembles Brady’s

24:14 – What life as an NFL scout looks like day-to-day and season-to-season

30:00 – Evaluations Schembechler is most proud of, including Latavius Murray

31:59 – Schembechler explains how he is now involved in HSFB talent evaluation

35:10 – What life is like for a Schembechler living in Columbus, Ohio

40:21 – Buzz Factor: Graham Mertz