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Rivals go head-to-head for Slocum

It's one thing for Michigan and Michigan State to be battling it out for an in-state recruit, but it isn't too often that you'll see them going head-to-head for one of the top prospects from another state.
Offensive guard/defensive tackle Marques Slocum, a massive 6-foot-4, 331-pound talented lineman from Philadelphia (Pa.) West Catholic, has the Wolverines and Spartans at the top of his list.
"I like their coaching staffs and I got good vibes at those schools," he said. "They just feel like really good places to go to college and play football."
Who else is Slocum considering?
"Schools like Maryland, North Carolina and a lot of others are still calling and telling me how bad they want me to be a part of their program," he said. "So basically, I'm still going to listen to other schools, it's just that Michigan and Michigan State are the two to beat right now."
When does he plan on making a decision?
"I'll probably wait until after the U.S. All-American game before announcing anything publicly," he said. "I guess the next step is to start setting up visits. I think I have an official to Michigan State planned for Nov. 12, but I need to talk to my coach to get the details about that."
Slocum has anchored both lines for West Catholic this year, and he's a huge reason the school is still undefeated.
"Right now I'm really focused on my season," he said. "We're 4-0 and I have about 25 tackles and two sacks. I'm doubled teamed all the time, but that's OK. I sat out the last game with a bad ankle, but it's healed real well and I'll be back for Friday's game."