football 2005 Preseason All-Big Ten team

In a lot of years, discussions about a favorite in the Big Ten would be limited to perennial powers Michigan and Ohio State. But that won't be the case this season. The Buckeyes and Wolverines should be solid, but Iowa and Purdue also boast squads that will have a say in the league's outcome.
What also will be interesting is that all of the favorites have some question marks. Michigan looks like it will have a dynamic offense, but there are questions on defense. On the flip side, Ohio State's defense should be outstanding, but quarterback and running back are a concern. The Boliermakers return all 11 starters on defense but must replace quarterback Kyle Orton and receiver Taylor Stubblefield, while Iowa's offense should be great with Drew Tate at the helm, but there are concerns on defense, especially on the line.
What can't be questioned, however, is that there is great talent on both sides of the ball in the Big Ten this year, which is evident in the 2005 Preseason All-Big Ten team. Michigan paced our team with 11 selections, while Iowa and Ohio State finished with eight and seven, respecively.
The following is the 2005 Preseason All-Big Ten team.
Action photos by Associated Press.