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Rivals Camp Series Orlando: Top underclassmen

Joey Gatewood
Joey Gatewood

WINTER HAVEN, Fla.– The college-bound talent that showed up to the Orlando stop of the Rivals Camp Series presented by Under Armour spanned multiple classes. A massive group of players years removed from signing a letter of intent managed to shine alongside their class-of-2017 peers and make their marks. Below are the best individual performances from underclassmen at the event.

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Recruiting wrap: Gatewood is committed to Auburn.

Performance: Gatewood has the build and the arm strength to be an elite college player. His footwork has improved and his accuracy has followed suit. He was one of the better quarterbacks in attendance and will likely make Auburn fans very happy down the road.

Recruiting wrap: Bradwell is awaiting his first offer

Performance: Bradwell won four reps in dominant fashion during 1-on-1 drills and made a couple of his opponents give up on the play. He boasts long arms and uses them to create a devastating punch that has a tendency to rock defensive lineman onto their heels.

Recruiting wrap: Williams holds offers from Kentucky, Miami, North Carolina and others

Performance: At 5-foot-11, Williams has adequate size, but his acceleration is what makes him tough to cover. Williams beat nearly every cornerback that attempted to press him and made as many plays as any underclassman receiver.

Recruiting wrap: Milton is awaiting his first offer

Performance: Milton has the build. He’s a tall, long-armed, good-looking prospect with solid athleticism and a powerful arm. Coaches at the event noted his talent but also pointed out the fact that he remains raw as a passer. Milton impressed with his ability to put zip on every throw.

Recruiting wrap: Thompson is yet to land his first offer

Performance: Coaches raved about Thompson, who ran great routes all afternoon. Thompson has impressive size and good field awareness. He won’t have to wait much longer for offer No. 1.

Recruiting wrap: Wolff is awaiting his first offer

Performance: Wolff was a coach favorite and had the mechanics to match his impressive frame. Wolff is physically impressive for a 2019 prospect and sets his feet well on every manner of throw. He stood out in drills and maintained some of that momentum during one-on-one work.

Recruiting wrap: Briggs holds an offer from Mississippi State.

Performances: Briggs has the look. He’s sturdy, long and athletic. He’s raw, sure, but the physical tools he showed off can’t be taught. He was able to win one-on-one reps with pure physicality and will likely become even more of a handful as he perfects his pass rush moves.

Recruiting wrap: Robertson has an offer from Georgia

Performances: Robertson has impressive size for an eight-grader and goes up and gets the ball well. He has good speed and looked smooth out of his breaks. Robertson has not scratched the surface of his potential and could be an elite prospect down the road.

Recruiting wrap: Kirby holds offers from Florida State and FAU

Performance: Kirby was so quick off the edge that he forced multiple offensive linemen to hold him. He was held often but still managed to win some reps cleanly. His quick first step is his most notable trait.

Recruiting wrap: Reed holds offers from USF, Miami and Marshall

Performance: Reed is capable of playing along both lines, but worked out on offense on Saturday. He’s a massive lineman that looked impressive in drills. He took just two one-on-one reps, but won them both with relative ease.

Recruiting wrap: Tutt has a long list of offers that includes, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Michigan and others

Performance: Tutt is a nice combination of size and technique. He has long arms for a player with a 5-foot-11 frame and covers taller wide receivers incredibly well. He transitions out of his backpedal well and broke up a number of passes.

Recruiting wrap: Eskridge has a long list of offers from a number of colleges, including Florida, Miami and Michigan

Performance: Eskridge has nice size and adequate speed. And while he could stand to add some weight, his long arms give him an edge over smaller cornerbacks. He caught a number of deep balls over the backs of defenders.

Recruiting wrap: Ellington holds an offer from Louisville

Performance: Ellington played defensive back but is also a capable wide receiver. He’s physically developed for a 2020 prospect and never shied away from physicality. His aggression sometimes cost him in one-on-one work, but it worked to his advantage more often than not.