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Rivals 3 Stripe Camp standouts weigh in on LSU's Ed Orgeron

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Ed Orgeron
Ed Orgeron (AP Images)

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While most prospects have a strong affinity for their in-state schools, the love that players from the state of Louisiana feel for LSU might be among the strongest in the nation. With no other major in-state program to split allegiances, if you’re a football player in the state, you probably follow the Tigers.

With that in mind, we surveyed several prospects from “The Boot” over the weekend at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp presented by adidas in Mobile to get their thoughts on Ed Orgeron’s first full season as the head coach of the Tigers, as well as get their expectations for the team in 2018.

How do you think his first full season as head coach went?

“I feel like he brought a different perspective to the program. I know all the players liked him and they were chanting 'Keep Coach O' and stuff like that when he was first up for the job so you know he was doing something right for the players to believe in him like that. But he did a good job. I feel like they could recruit my school a little bit harder because we’re on their campus. I don’t have anything against them but I don’t really talk to them like that.” - Three-star Baton Rouge (La.) University Lab linebacker Bryton Constantin

“I think it was a good year. I think they were going through a lot of changes but still things went well. I talked to some of the players and they said it was hard with coach (Matt) Canada. It was a good year to me.” – Rivals100 Baton Rouge (La.) Southern Lab and LSU offensive line commit Kardell Thomas

“I thought it was good. Just a good year to get to know everybody and get the feel. I think they’re going to be good next year.” – 2019 New Orleans (La.) St. Augustine offensive lineman Ted Melson

“They had many ups and downs but they played good overall as the season was concerned.” – Three-star Baton Rouge (La.) Southern Lab athlete Tyler Guidry

“They showed progress. I mean, me personally, I think they did well.” – 2019 Zachary, La. Defensive back Tyler Judson

“I was impressed. It’s hard to step in and coach a prestigious college like LSU and do well right away. I’m impressed. I really like what they’re doing there and I’m still waiting on that offer.” – Three-star Baton Rouge (La.) University Lab running back Michael Hollins

“They did a good job this year. They got bowl eligible and that’s big and I feel like they competed well with Alabama and I feel like in more years to come they are going to be doing well.” – 2019 Marrero (La.) West Jefferson defensive back Tyruss Gayden

“I think he did good. Considering he’s still learning and he just came there I think he did good and he’s going to get better.” – 2019 Marrero (La.) John Ehret defensive back Jerrae Williams

“He did pretty good. I went to a couple of their games. I’m not a big LSU fan but I think he’s building a program over there. One of my friends just committed there. Damone Clark. He’s been a role model for me. He’s telling me how they’re building a good program over there.” – 2019 Baton Rouge (La.) Broadmoor wide receiver Tyler McNair

How would you compare Coach O and his style to Les Miles?

“I think they’re better off with coach O because they lost so many games in crunch time when it came down to time management and stuff like that with coach Miles. Coach O, it seems like it’s more of a team play now and everyone is playing for one another.” – Guidry

“It’s kind of similar but I think coach O opened the playbook up a little more. I liked that a little better.” – Judson

“Coach Miles, I love coach Miles. I’ve known him for a long time. I love what he did at LSU and he built a platform for coach O to step up on.” – Hollins

“I feel like Coach O took it over from coach Miles and ran with it. It’s not very easy working with new players and a new system so I feel like he did well. During the job exchange and everything I think he did well.” – Gayden

“I can’t really compare them but I would say coach Miles was a little more conservative.” – Thomas

What were your impressions of the Tigers' 2018 recruiting class?

“I read something about how they weren’t in the top 10 or something and I feel like they could have done a little bit better. They let (Patrick) Surtain go and they let the corner out of Louisiana go to TCU so I feel like they could do a little bit of a better job with the defensive backs.” – Constantin

“They did good. They got a lot guys from Louisiana and they did a good job of keeping guys from Louisiana in The Boot this year.” – Hollins

“I think it was a good class. A lot of people are talking about the stars and stuff like that but when you get to college it really doesn’t matter. It’s about who is the man on the field.” - Thomas

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What are your expectations for the team in the 2018 season?

“I think they’re going to win 10 games. I think they have a great chance to beat Alabama and some other schools if they start a dual-threat quarterback. That’s what everyone wants to see. I really think they could go with Justin McMillan or Lowell Narcisse or a couple of the other guys and have success.” – Thomas

“They might lose one game. Maybe one game, maybe. I think they might go undefeated. I think they might be Alabama this year.” – Melson

“I think they’re going to do very well. I think Coach O has gotten settled and since this is his second season he will have them really ready this season and I think they’re going to beat Alabama.” – Guidry

“I think it will be like last season. I think they will lose at least two games.” – Judson

“I think they’re going to do really well. They have a good defense. I think they win at least eight games.” – 2020 New Orleans (La.) Edna Karr defensive back Jamie Vance

“I would say they win nine.” – Constantin

“I think they’ll be good. Not as good as last year’s team. They have a lot of young guys but over the next couple of years I think they’ll just get better and better.” – Hollins

“I feel like they’re going to beat Alabama this year.” – Gayden

“I think they will win seven to eight games this year.” – Williams

“They will probably win nine or 10 games.” – McNair