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Rival Views: Which 2019 prospect is most college ready now? National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell and National Recruiting Analyst Adam Gorney don’t always see eye to eye. In this edition of Rival Views, the two debate which 2019 player looks like he could compete for a starting job in college right now.

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Theo Wease
Theo Wease (Nick Lucero/

The wide receiver position, at least to me, is the easiest position for a player to transition quickly from high school to college football. With the size and skill that Theo Wease has, he could be a guy who could impact in college with ease. He’s at least 6-foot-3, weighs in the range of 210 pounds and is very powerful. He has excellent hands, he runs good routes and he’d be hard for anyone to body even at the next level. There’s a reason he’s so highly ranked. He’ll have trouble remaining interested and challenged next year in high school.

GORNEY'S VIEW: Zacch Pickens

Zaach Pickens
Zaach Pickens (

Zacch Pickens is already 6-foot-4 and 267 pounds so he has a college-ready body for playing defensive end. Plus, he's a violent, hard-hitting, menacing prospect on the high school level who annihilates anything he sees and plays aggressively off the edge.

There's no doubt Pickens looks and plays like someone who could definitely skip his senior season of high school, join a college program right now and fit right in. It sounds as if South Carolina and Clemson could be two frontrunners for the Anderson (S.C.) T.L. Hanna standout and while playing right away in the SEC or ACC at the highest level might be tough, Pickens has the physical skills to get it done.

One more season of high school will mean complete domination. And the five-star defensive end has the skills to be incredibly special in college, an absolute physical specimen who could be something else whether he stays in-state or leaves.