Rivals.com - Rising senior Tucker DeVries may have a tough choice to make
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Rising senior Tucker DeVries may have a tough choice to make

Tucker DeVries
Tucker DeVries

OVERLAND PARK, Kans. -- Rising senior wing Tucker DeVries finds himself with an interesting decision to make. Does he pick the school where his father was a coach while he was growing up? Does he pick the school his father currently coaches or does he go outside of family?

One of the top 50 small forwards in America, DeVries is a strongly built 6-foot-6 wing at Waukee (Iowa) High whose father Darian DeVries was a long time assistant at Creighton but is now preparing for his third season as the head coach of Drake.

Rivals.com caught up with DeVries recently and he's doing his most to make the best of what he was expecting to be a big spring and summer with the OSA Crusaders.

“I’m just making the best of what we have and being able to play some is fun," DeVries told Rivals.com. "Some kids aren’t even able to play at all so we have to take advantage of what we’ve got and hopefully something gets out there and catches coaches eyes."

Not only does his father coach at Drake, he scored over 1,000 points as a player at Northern Iowa and DeVries uncle Jared played several years for the Detroit Lions.

“Being around guys that have been there before really helps," said DeVries. "A family that knows what it takes to get there, from a young age the hard work is shown to you and that sticks. Also there is some natural ability to go with that hard work to get there.”

Though his father is no longer at Creighton, DeVries is still very close to head coach Greg McDermott and those around the Jays program.

“It is just Creighton," said DeVries. "Coach Mac is still there and I grew up with him at Creighton just as much as I did with my dad at Creighton. Looking at him, I look at him like a great friend and I know he just wants what’s best for me as do the other coaches. Even some of the new guys I’ve developed a really good relationship with. Also some of the players there like Mitch Ballock, some of the guys I grew up with them and watching them play so it could be cool to play with some of them. Being able to come back and play at the highest level would be good. Their playing style is to shoot threes and get up and down so I think that fits me well.”

Then there's Drake where he knows his father will have his back like no other coach could and that makes for a tough decision.

“It will be hard because you want to be able to play at the highest level. But, also you want to fit a role that fits you and what’s best for you. If I go to Drake or Creighton I don’t really think I could go wrong, both are great opportunities. Being able to play for my dad is something that I’ve dreamed of but also playing for Creighton is something I’ve dreamed of. It would be cool either way."

Recently, Missouri and Central Florida have thrown their hats into the ring and are developing relationships with DeVries just in case he needs an alternative to the programs he's grown up around.

“One thing that really stood out to me was the first phone call, the head coach Cuonzo Martin talked about coaching Jaylen Brown at Cal and how they really made him a defensive player," DeVries said of Mizzou. "That’s one of my struggles right now, to be a better defender. Them to be able to help me out with that and then allow freedom on offense was something I really liked about them. Both coach (Chris) Hollender and coach Martin I really like talking them and they are great guys.”

As for UCF?

“They have a great campus, great weather and they are in a good conference too. I’ve only talked to them one or two times and it was pretty brief and more of an introduction but I like the coach, it was cool and they are easy to talk to and get along with.”

Next for DeVries is figuring out his timeline but there is no rush.

"With the Covid stuff it kind of pushed it back a little bit. Once we are able to take visits I’ll take visits. I’m in a little bit of a different situation where obviously my dad is not going to pull my offer so I’ll probably be able to wait longer than most guys and take some time and find what’s best for me.”