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Rising QB recaps Rutgers trip

Harrisburg (Pa.) Bishop McDevitt quarterback Matt Johnson is still waiting for his first offer to come in but given the amount of attention he is receiving it may only be a matter of time until that happens.
The 6-foot, 194-pound pro-style quarterback has attended junior days at Rutgers and UConn, and he is planning on attending a similar event at Pittsburgh this weekend.
"I loved the Rutgers' junior day," Johnson said. "Just the whole atmosphere about it kind of drew me to it. Our coach went up there (last) spring for a practice, I think, and we adopted the whole family theme that they have. When I went up there I just felt comfortable with everything and I knew what everybody was talking about.
"The coaching staff is great and they were honest in everything they said. The facilities are nice, too. I talked to the quarterback coach, and I'm lucky because he's the recruiting coordinator for our area, too.
"He spent a good deal of time with me and my running back talking about recruiting. Then he focused on me and what the situation is with their quarterbacks. He said they brought one kid in and they want to bring one kid in from my class. They have about five guys in mind, including me. I was real excited about all of it."
While Johnson declined so say bad things about his trip to UConn, he said the trip to Rutgers was more enjoyable.
"I don't want to say it was a complete 180," he said of the trip to UConn. "But it wasn't as hot as the Rutgers (event). One thing I did like about it was during the meal the quarterback coach asked if he could sit with me. We didn't really talk about football. We just kind of hung out. That was cool. There weren't a whole lot of X's and O's. It was a laid back conversation."
While Johnson had plenty to say about those two schools he has had more contact with Pitt than anyone.
"That's probably been the school that's talked to me the most so far," he said of the Panthers. "Their recruiting coordinator and coach (Dave) Wannstedt are like best friends with our coach. They they come down they don't just hang out for a couple of hours and then leave. They hang out for a couple of hours, then go out to eat. They're good friends. I've talked to them since I was a freshman. We went to their 7-on-7 camp as a team and I went to their one-day camp last year."
Even though Johnson has had more contact with Pitt than anyone, he said his favorite out of those three schools is Rutgers.
Another favorite might be in the Southeastern Conference. Whether that school will offer is a bit more up in the air.
"Last year I went down to an LSU game and brought down my highlight film," he said. "When I got there we had a meal and my mom went up to the lady that was hosting it and spoke with her. They only gave us a week's notice about it, so my mom wanted to say thanks for squeezing us in.
"The lady said, 'Oh, you're Mrs. Johnson?' I guess they were expecting me. I talked to their recruiting coordinator and he was honest, too. He said they're going to study my film hard, and if they go out of state for a QB they want to make sure they can build all four years around him."