Riggs liked first trip

He’s one of the nation’s finest backs, and he’s also back from his first official visit. So what did Chattanooga (Tenn.) Redbank standout Gerald Riggs have to say about his trip to LSU?
“I thought it was about what I expected,” Riggs, who is 6-foot and 220 pounds, said.
“I knew coming in that they have a big-time commitment to football, and that they are looking to always run the ball first and then use that to set up the pass. I could see myself playing there really easily.”
Riggs said he gave the visit overall a nine or a 10 on a scale from one to 10. He said he is still planning on taking other trips to Michigan, Nebraska and Tennessee for sure. The final trip is up in the air between Florida and Auburn at this point.
When asked if Tennessee was still his top team, Riggs agree a little bit.
“They’re up there still,” he said. “But I don’t know if I would say they are for sure my leader. I need to see what the other schools are like first. Then I’ll know for sure.”
Riggs has been battling a hairline fracture in his ankle and is sidelined at least two more weeks. But in six games, he has racked up around 1,215 yards and 19 touchdowns.