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Ricks getting plans together

Leighton (Ala.) Colbert County defensive tackle Jermarcus Ricks saw his stock climb over the summer by impressing at several camps. He's narrowed his list to two schools, but it appears that he may be stuck there for a while.
"It's still pretty much Alabama or Auburn," Ricks said. "I have some other schools that I like some, but I'm pretty much going to go to one of those two places unless something weird happens. It's really neck and neck between the two, I can't say one is ahead of the other.
THe 6-foot-3, 288-pound Ricks runs the 40-yard dash in 5.1 seconds, the shuttle in 4.7 seconds, has a 295-pound bench press and 425-pound squat.
"I knew I wasn't going to get to go to any games this weekend because I had to work," Ricks said. "The first game that I know that I am going to go to is the Alabama-Florida game on October 1. I am also trying to work it out to go to another Alabama game, maybe LSU or Tennessee."
The contact period started on September 1 and to no surprise Ricks first call came from coaches Tubberville and dunn from Auburn followed shortly by Chris Ball at Alabama.
"I am going to visit each of those schools at least two more times before I make a commitment," Ricks said. "I'd like to get down to a couple of Auburn games this fall too. I have games on Friday's and I work a lot on Saturday's so it's hard for me to go, but I definitely want to make some games at both Alabama and Auburn."
Ricks is a member of the Rivals 250, is ranked as the No. 13 player in the state of Alabama and as the nation's No. 21 defensive tackle.
"I think it's really just going to come down to where I feel most comfortable," Ricks said. "I know I can't go wrong, I like both schools and both coaching staffs, I guess it just depends on where I think I would be happier for four years."