Richardson becoming a hot name

If you haven't become familiar with the name Trent Richardson, you soon will. The Pensacola (Fla.) Escambia running back is one of the hottest names in the Southeast and has an offer list that is growing by the day. As Richardson's junior film continues to circulate the powerful and speedy back will have more options than he'll know what to do with.
One of Richardson's most recent offers was a big one from the Defending National Champions, LSU.
"That's a good look," Richardson said of the Tiger offer. "I haven't been there to LSU. They talk a good game but everyone talks a big game at first. I'm gonna go down there and see more. They want me and they haven't recruited any running backs in the last two years. They're the defending national champs, so that's a good look."
Throughout the process one of the common points of interest for Richardson in what school he chooses has been how the recent offensive line classes have fared. LSU scores well in that category.
"LSU, Mississippi State, Alabama they've been recruiting good offensive linemen the past two years," he said. "Mississippi State grabbed like five of them this year."
Another one of Richardson's most recent offers came in from Auburn.
"Auburn, that's a good look too," he said. "They got a few linemen. I haven't really looked at the school too much. I'll look at them tonight."
The Auburn Tigers are also a school that has something working in their favor in pursuit of Richardson; they got in early.
"I'm looking at who was there first, who was recruiting me a lot first," he said. "Some schools see me and are just offering a scholarship to jump on the bandwagon. So I'm looking at that whoever has the best academics, but I'll look at whoever looks at me."
So who were the teams that made the early move on Richardson?
"Alabama, Mississippi State and I went to two Auburn games," he said. "I like that field. They got a real good field. But I haven't taken a look at their campus or anything."
Richardson is a prospect that is making it a point to make an informed and calculated decision regarding his college choice. Consequently, he is taking a close look at several Southeastern programs.
"I looked at Georgia but they got like five running backs in recruiting recently. Clemson is supposed to give my coach a call today and they've got some good offensive linemen too. I'm gonna look at Tennessee too and see what they've got."
With such a surge coming on in his recruitment, Richardson has no plans of making a decision any time soon.
"I'm gonna look at some campuses before I make any decisions and have some fun," he said. "I'm probably gonna wait. You never know what will come along."