Rice picking up attention

Atherton (Calif.) Menlo wide receiver Jerry Rice Jr., is on the radar for many Pac-10 schools and could be in the hunt for the opportunity to add to his lone offer.
While holding only one scholarship offer to date from Air Force, the son of the NFL's greatest wide receiver, could soon be adding more offers to his list.
"I've been talking to a whole lot of schools and everything seems to be going really well," said the 5-foot-10, 183-pound Rice. "I've been talking to a whole lot of the Pac-10 schools like UC-Berkley, Stanford, Arizona and Washington State a little bit. Then I've also talked to Yale, Columbia, Purdue, Northwestern and Boise State."
As for official visits the three-star Rice, claims he will be setting up visits but has not settled on a date yet.
"I definitely want to set-up visits but right now I just started basketball so I'm going to have to find a time when I don't miss a lot of practice and certainly don't miss any games," Rice said.
"As of right now I want to try and set-up visits at UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Arizona, and Yale."
While no visits have been set in stone Rice says he is forming good connections with many of the coaches he is in contact with.
" I really like Coach (Michael) Smith (inside receivers coach at Arizona)," Rice said. "He's got this swagger about him, and he's a really nice guy to talk to. We talk quite a bit and it really seems he is on top of his game. I also talk a lot to Coach (Reggie) Moore (UCLA's wide receiver coach), Coach (Ron) Lynn (Stanford's Co-defensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach), and also Coach (Kevin) Daft (California's wide receivers coach)."
With all of the Pac-10 schools courting Rice, is there a leader at this point?
"I don't really have a top five or anything like that but they are all up there and we're just going to have to see," Rice said.
Rice did add that he was waiting to see what Arizona would do.
"I really like the way they play," he said. "They like to throw the ball a lot out in the Pac-10 and I really like that being a wide receiver. It (Arizona) might be a good fit."