Reulands crazy days

When you're the nation's top tight end prospect and one of the top 10 players in California, you can count on your phone to ring and ring and ring in the month of September. That's the story for Mission Viejo, Calif., four-star tight end Konrad Reuland.
The 6-foot-6, 239-pounder played a key role in his team's 69-17 victory over Long Beach Jordan this past Friday night. He had two catches for 30 yards and a touchdown and also said he blocked extremely well on running plays.
However, it's been tough for him to not think about recruiting because the phone just won't stop ringing.
"It's been hectic lately – pretty crazy," he said.
"I've been hearing from USC, Notre Dame, pretty much every Pac-10 school, Ohio State, Miami, Oklahoma, Colorado, Duke and the list goes on."
But the good news is that he has a plan to reduce his time on the phone.
"In about a week I'm going to have my list narrowed down," he said. "Over the next week I'm going to start calling schools and letting them know 'Thanks, but no thanks'. Next week I should probably have about five schools narrowed down."
Reuland said he's not tipping his hand at all on who might make those final five spots, but he did say one head coach has made a big impression on him.
"I can't really say I have a favorite team," he said. "I really like talking to coach (Charlie) Weis at Notre Dame, though. I just enjoy speaking with him because he's interesting and we always have good conversations about football.
"I'll decide on visits after I narrow it down next week. I plan on taking three to five visits. When I narrow down my list to five next week I may narrow it down some more before I take my visits. So I'll have a better idea about everything in about a week."
Reuland said he's willing to go anywhere in the nation.
"Distance doesn't matter to me at all, but if two schools are pretty equal in my mind, I'd probably go to the closer school," he said. "Distance isn't going to keep me from going to the school I feel is the best fir for me, though.
"I'm looking for a school that, first of all, has good academics – a school that can get me as far as I can go from a football standpoint on top of the education. I just want a school with a good football team and a place that I feel like I fit in the best with."
Konrad Reuland VideoClick Reuland is the No. 42 rated player in the Rivals100 and is the seventh-ranked prospect in California. He also is the No. 1 rated tight end in the nation.Here to view this Link.