Reuland road trip

Four-star rated and Rivals100 tight end Konrad Reuland is making waves in the recruiting world, seemingly picking up offers by the day.
The Mission Viejo (Calif.) native always had the tools to be great starting at a tradition-rich high school along with tons of natural ability. However, his work ethic and constant persistence to get better has him as one of the most sought after prospects in the nation. Father Ralf Reuland says the process can be difficult with so many schools to choose from.
"Well he's just bee thinking about all of them," Reuland's father said about his son's pile of scholarship offers. "It's very hard because you have a lot of good places. Hopefully after our August trip we will have a better idea of where we're at with all of these colleges."
That August trip will see some heavyweights in the recruiting and college football world. The Reuland's will be heading to see Miami, Nebraska, Notre Dame, and Ohio State on unofficial visits and one long road trip.
Aftewards, Reuland said his son will have a better idea of where he wants to see next for his official trips.
"We haven't decided on official visits because he's got football season and then right afterwards it's basketball," Reuland said. "There is no list of criteria right now and right when school starts we'll have a bunch of trips made to those four schools in August, the four California schools, and we'll know."
"Not to say he couldn't commit if something really popped out on a visit, but we are just trying to go about it carefully."
Reuland also mentions that while accompanying his son on these trips they look for the type of academic, athletic, and environment quality a school has. They did that once before when tripping to UCLA and USC among other California schools and will make that the pattern from here on out.
As for talking with coaches, that has given them a feel for the schools they either have already seen or about to see.
"We've talked to quite a few position coaches and we really are feeling it out," he said. "Konrad and I don't get a chance to speak with head coaches that much but we're really spending time with the assistants."
"There aren't really any huge relationships formed yet, but that will probably start to change as we go forward."
Reuland is also a member of the latest release of the Rivals250 along with the Rivals100 and is the No. 7 overall prospect in California.