Reihner picks up the pace

Kevin Reihner is one of the top junior offensive line prospects in Pennsylvania and he's hoping to make his decision before the start of his senior season.
In order to do that he will have to gather as much information about the schools recruiting him as he is able to, and that's what he is setting out to do right now.
With five offers on the table -- from Pitt, NC State, Rutgers, Minnesota and Stanford -- Reihner has some great options to choose from. He's not sitting back idly as the months pass by, however, choosing instead to take a proactive position.

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"A week from today I'm visiting Penn State," Reihner said on Saturday. "At some point I want to get out to a Pitt practice. The weekend of April 9 I'm flying out to Palo Alto to see Stanford. I wanted to get out to Northwestern, but the times they wanted me to come I was doing other things planned."
As you might expect, Reihner will be spending a little bit more time at Stanford than he will at some of the other schools he visits. Considering the travel time that's understandable.
"They have a group of people coming in," Reihner said of Stanford. The big events are on Saturday, but I'll be there for some academic stuff on Friday."
Stanford's defensive coordinator is from Reihner's hometown, and that's largely why the coaching staff decided to take a close look at his film. When they saw it they were impressed and offered a scholarship soon thereafter.
Reihner has said for a while that he will know when the time is right to make a decision. At the same time, he has a bit of a time frame in mind.
"I do want my decision to be made going into my senior season," he noted. "That way I can just worry about playing ball."
Reihner said Northwestern has implied that they are very intent on offering down the road after they see him in person. Illinois is a school he will likely visit as well if he is ever able to make it out to Northwestern. Penn State has also expressed serious interest, as has Michigan.