Reid ready for two visits

Chester (Va.) Thomas Dale running back Daniel Reid continues to be focused on two schools. However, as the 6-foot-0, 202-pounder plans to visit his top targets again, he also is not closing the door to other schools.
"I have upcoming visits to Virginia Tech and USF, other than that, I'm just working out right now," he said. "I can say those are my top two schools, but I'm totally not ruling out any other schools yet."
Still, Reid confirmed USF and Virginia Tech are at the top of his list and discussed why.

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"What makes them stand out is that those are the two schools I feel are recruiting me the hardest," he said. "Coach Pathon with South Florida I Facebook with all the time as well as the running back coach. I talk to them on a regular basis and it's the same with Virginia Tech. Between my coach, Coach Tucker and Coach Beamer, they are always asking about me and periodically I talk to them. I feel both of these schools, the love is there."
Regarding the trips to both, Reid is eyeing visits after his father's retirement ceremony in late August, approximately August 31st for Virginia Tech and a week later for USF.
With visits to both of his top targets coming up, what does he want to see?
"I just want to see how the campus is set up and does it fit me when it comes to my major," he said. "I want to see if it suits me with the academic parts and I want to talk to some of the other players. See how they feel about the school, USF or Virginia Tech and how the coaches talk to them and treat them after being recruited."
As for a decision, that continues to be up in the air.
"At first I was set on deciding before my season started," he said.
"But then, my coaches told me other schools want to see my first two games. They all say the talent is there, but they want to see how I produce in a game, face to face, stuff like that."
With that in mind, there are a couple of schools that Reid would like an offer from.
"There are two of them, Miami is one and Oregon is the other," he said. "Miami has talked about seeing me in the fall and Oregon came down to our school mostly looking at 2014 and 2015 players. Oregon checked me out and they liked what they saw. They want to see me this year."
Reid explained why these two stand out.
"Oregon has just been my favorite school and I'd love to have an offer from them," he said. "Miami is a school I like too and they have a winning program, both of them do."
Reid claims offers from USF, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Central Florida, Boston College, Temple, North Carolina and South Carolina at this time.