Reid ready for coaches visits

Galena Park (Texas) North Shore quarterback Robbie Reid played host to the coaches from Oklahoma State on Monday night.
“The OSU coaches were here in our house tonight,” Reid’s mother Rajika said. “We’ve been going through a lot with the playoffs and the championship. A lot of schools have been wanting to come in but we’ve held them off until our season was over.”
Now that the season is over, the schools are lining up their chances to speak with the 6-foot-3, 224-pound Reid.
“We are getting calls from Ohio State, Florida State, Kansas State and LSU,” Mrs. Reid said. “Those four will be coming by the school to see him there this week. They would like tocome by the house, too. That will be up to Robbie. If he wants to have them by the house, we’ll do that. If not, the school is all they’ll get.”
Reid has a December 19 visit to Ohio State scheduled.
“Right now, we really don’t know if he’ll take any other visits,” she said. “He’s still contemplating not going early. It is probably about a 50-50 chance whether he goes early or not. If he does go early, the visits probably won’t be able to happen. If he decides to wait, then he probably will have time to have some visits next month.”
Reid is under the gun this week with the playoffs keeping him on the field through last weekend.
“He’s really going to think things through this week in addition to the visitors,” she said. “He wasn’t able to have visitors the last two weeks with the playoffs. After this week, he’ll analyze his options. The time the coaches can’t come by or call isn’t too far away. We’ll be able to sit back and relax and think things through.”
Reid directed his team to a 23-7 victory in the state championship game last weekend.
“He played well in the game. He ran in three scores. He wasn’t able to do a lot of passing since the defense worked hard on taking that away. He did throw an interception. But, a win is a win. And, we’ll take it.”