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Reid planning on visiting some schools

Galena Park (Texas) North Shore quarterback Robbie Reid made his college choice a couple months ago. But, that hasn’t stopped colleges from continuing to recruit the nation’s No. 3 rated dual-threat quarterback.
“They are still trying to recruit me,” the 6-foot-3, 224-pound Reid said. “They haven’t ever really quit. They know I have committed, but they are still recruiting me.”
The schools responsible for the phone ringing at the Reid house are Kansas State Ohio State, Tennessee and Alabama.
“They’ve been coming pretty hard,” he said. “They are doing their best to convince me to look around a little and give their school a shot.”
Has the persuading worked on the state of Texas’ No. 6 overall player?
“I’m taking a couple visits,” Reid said. “I don’t know where to, yet. But I will be taking a couple of visits. I want to fulfill my thoughts with making sure Oklahoma State is the right one. If I don’t like my visits, I’ll know OSU is the right place.”
Reid has yet to line up an official visit with the Cowboys, but he will be heading to Stillwater next weekend.
“I’m going to go watch them when they host Texas,” he said. “I’ll get there for an official visit later on. But, I don’t have it set up.”