Reid narrows to two, eyes visits

Athlete Daniel Reid out of Chester (Va.) Thomas Dale maintains a top two. What's the latest with the 6-foot-0, 202-pounder?
"My parents and I have talked and we're feeling that adding more schools this close would be more of a distraction," he said. "My parents want to see me play close to home, at least on the East Coast, so I'd say I am just looking at these two, South Florida and Virginia Tech."
Reid hasn't been to either school this fall for games, but that is going to change.

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"I'm supposed to go to Virginia Tech on the 13th for the Duke game," he said. "I think that's an unofficial. Coach Beamer wants me to see the campus and get there early."
As for USF, Reid is still working on a trip.
"That visit is probably further down the line," he said. "I'm going to check out Tech first and then I'll see USF play.
"On the visits, I'm looking for the love. It sounds corny and funny, but I want to feel the atmosphere of the players without even having to ask. I want to feel the love from the coaches and I don't want them to sugarcoat it.
"What's good is that Coach Beamer is one of those happy go lucky guys. He reminds me a bit of myself since he's so carefree, but is serious when he needs to be. It's the same with Coach Scott at USF. He's very happy go lucky. If I'd compare them, they'd be twins. Both have sat down with me as a person."
Reid noted no plans to decide soon as he intends to take his officials still before making a choice.
On the field, Reid and Thomas Dale are off to a 1-2 start.
"We're back on track after the first two games," he said. "My play has been good. I'm doing about as well as I can. I'm playing all over, they lined me up in the slot in one game since the opposing team put nine in the box. I've done decent. I have had 270-yards rushing, four touchdowns, one interception, one pick six and 30 tackles.
"There is definitely a difference with my game, my strength, speed and power. I've shaved off a couple pounds and I can see my speed out of the backfield. I can do what I want with my body now and respond to it."
Reid and Thomas Dale face Matoaca this week.