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Reese sees patience as the key

LONGVIEW, Texas - Having one of the more talented senior classes in the state of Texas, Longview High School still sits undefeated because of players like tight end/defensive end Adrian Reese.
Reese, the No. 38 rated tight end, has not been just held to offense. Defensive end has been a position he is used to, but this year because of an injury he has been lining up at linebacker. A 6-foot-6, 205-pound linebacker is something that has probably put some fear in opposing offenses.
"Well, it's been going great actually," Reese said about his position moves. "I'm trying to hang with the position. I think I've got an advantage, not just because of my size, but because I can keep up with the flow of the game. I've got the speed to make a play."
Numerous scholarships from Division I schools is evidence of his abilities. However, there were a couple of offers that he was waiting on throughout the summer. One came, but he is still waiting on the other.
"Oklahoma State made me an offer but I don't know what's going on with LSU right now," Reese said. "I'm staying patient. I've only taken one visit to OSU, so I'm going to put things on hold and not visit any others until after the season."
"I think it will probably be Texas Tech in December as the next visit. They've been recruiting me the hardest and I want to give them a chance to show me what they have to offer me."
Set for a January decision, Reese has given himself plenty of time to see where his talented team goes in the playoffs.
Adrian Reese VideoClick "We do have a lot of natural talent on this team, but we also play as a team and have fun doing it," he said. "You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't play as a group, it will probably not work out for you."Here to view this Link.