Redmond ready to decide

Next Monday, three-star athlete Will Redmond of Memphis (Tenn.) East will announce his college destination. On Friday, he made what he said would be his final visit before pulling the trigger.
Where did he go?
"Mississippi State, " Redmond said. "I got there at 8:30 this morning. It went great. I enjoyed it. They talked about pretty much everything, like what I want to study. I talked to a lot of people. I met with [head coach Dan Mullen] at different times. I met the president, too. I met with Coach Mullen more than once. We just talked about being part of the program, being part of the family. That's what he spoke about the whole time.
According to Redmond, Mississippi State is one of his finalists. The other is Tennessee. Redmond's trip to Starkville on Friday was his third to that school, he said. He has visited the Vols twice.
Redmond now plans to enter the "decision process." He said neither program was in front, but when later asked if he had an idea which school he might pick, Redmond replied, "I think I do in my mind, but I want to think about it before you say it. I hope to have it figured out by [Saturday]."
Mississippi State is recruiting the 6-feet, 179-pound Redmond to play safety. Tennessee likes him at safety or cornerback. Of the two programs, Redmond said the Bulldogs are recruiting him the hardest.
"I don't know how they do it, but they get mail to my house every day," Redmond said.
Redmond lives 2-and-a-half hours from Starkville. He said it takes him six hours to get to Knoxville. However, Redmond insisted distance wasn't really a factor. In fact, when talking about each school he mentioned the convenience of both being relatively close to home.
"If it's a Friday and I want to go home, I can," he said.
Each program has its strengths, according to Redmond.
"Mississippi State is so versatile on defense," he said. "They play very tough defense. Everyone swarms to the ball."
With Tennessee, " their exposure and history behind the school" stand out, Redmond said. The Vols also might have one other thing working in their favor; Redmond's sister will be enrolling at Tennessee this fall.
"I wouldn't say it's a factor, but it would be convenient," Redmond said.
Redmond plans to tell each program of his decision Monday. Thus far, no time has been set for his announcement.
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