Recruits try cat and mouse game

As high school recruits become more and more savvy to the recruiting game they tend to tell coaches, and recruitniks what they want to hear. Their favorite trick is trying to hide their true favorites. Three-star defensive tackle Brandon Maupin of West Chester (Ohio) Lakota West is no different.
"I have no favorites but I am really looking at Ohio State, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, and Purdue," he said.
"Out of my favorites I have offers from Tennessee, Michigan State, and Purdue."
The 6-foot-6, 270-pound defensive tackle makes it clear through talking to him a couple of schools stand out – despite trying to play the coy recruiting game.
"I went to camps at Notre Dame, Tennessee, and Ohio State," he said. "I was impressed by Ohio State and Tennessee, their stadiums and facilities are just absolutely top notch."
So is Maupin sure, he doesn't have any leaders?
"Well, I do like Ohio State and Tennessee a little bit more than the others," he said.
"Tennessee turning out two first round draft picks really impresses me about them. Ohio State is the big home state school and has such great tradition. I like what they are doing up there now, so those are some things going for them."
So, he really does have leaders, huh? It sounds just like other recruits when they really know what they like and are some times stubborn to admit it.