Recruits Rap: Ghee excited to be at Shrine Bowl

One player from each team in the North Carolina-South Carolina Shrine Bowl will be doing a daily diary for this week. Brandon Ghee, one of the most sought after cornerbacks in the Southeast, has graciously agreed to handle the duties for the North Carolina.
The 6-foot-0, 175-pound senior and three-star recruit from Jack Britt High in Fayetteville, N.C., committed to Wake Forest two months ago despite scholarship offers from Tennessee and Virginia Tech and other ACC and SEC programs. This is his first entry as told through's Andrew Skwara
SPARTANBURG, S.C. – My parents and I got to Spartanburg on Saturday night. We drove there together, and we had just lost the state championship game, so I was still heartbroken (Ghee was voted his team's Most Valuable Offensive Player after scoring two touchdowns in their 19-17 loss to J.L Rose in the Class 4-A title game).
We walked into the hotel and it is really nice and it was pretty interesting being around the best players in the state.
On Sunday, all the players from both teams went to the Greenville Hospital to visit sick and injured children who are Shriner's. It was great to help the kids and they were so happy to see us. That is why we play this game.
On Monday, we started practice and right away you could tell there was talent everywhere. Everybody was fast and I think it really helped me a lot. I think I have already improved a lot just from being around players like this.
I tried to get to know a lot of the other defensive backs and my position coach John Devine (South Point High). He was a really nice guy and he had all of us get into a group and introduce ourselves.
That night, I got back to the hotel and I called my girlfriend and my Mom and was so tired I went right to sleep.
Marquis Melvin, another defensive back, is my roommate. He is going to Duke, but for now we are on the same team. We are friends, but of course, when we play against each other in college we will go after each other.
On Tuesday, we got outside and it was freezing cold (temperatures were in the high 20s with heavy winds). But, I tried to do the best I could because I want to start. It was freezing and my mouth is still chapped from it.
At today's morning practice it wasn't nearly cold and it was much more comfortable. I think we are going to do really well in the game. We have a lot of talented skill players.
I'll have more later and talk to you about who's the best that I've faced so far and what guys are the team clowns.
The North Carolina-South Carolina Shrine Bowl is an annual all-star game that pits the top seniors from both states. The game will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday. will continue to bring you coverage of practices and events leading up to the game.