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Recruiting rising at Warren Central

Indianapolis (Ind.) Warren Central is home to one of the nation's top defensive tackles in Sheldon Day. The school features numerous other prospects, but one that isn't getting a lot of interest yet is a massive 6-foot-6, 253-pound defensive end, Jesse Thompson.
"Nobody has seen him cause he's been hurt," Warren Central assistant Greg Brookey said. "He played a handful of games, but he's really a freakish athlete.
"If Jesse stays healthy we could do some other things. He is strong, long and when really healthy is unblockable. He had a high ankle sprain and that lingered forever this year, he also had a shoulder problem early."
Brookey made some strong comparisons for Thompson.
"He needs to grow up a bit and mentally fight through, but oh my God he looks like Jadeveon Clowney," he said. "Our position coach was down there at Clowney's school and he looks just like him."
Interest hasn't started much yet, but it's coming according to Brookey.
"During the visitation period when colleges come through they are going to see him and he'll see interest, they all ask, who is this guy."
In regards to his other prospects, Brookey discussed them starting with running back Deionte Buckley.
"He has a Cincinnati offer," he said. "I think he's a Big Ten type of back. He's gotten so much faster and stronger. He's power cleaning over 500-pounds and runs a 4.5 now.
"I think he's going to Iowa for a visit next week. If he goes they might offer, they just want to find out what he weights."
Planning to join him at Iowa is wide receiver Kevin Davis.
"He's actually Jordan Wallace's step brother," he said. "Purdue, Cincinnati and Indiana have offered. He's got six offers. We didn't throw the ball last year hardly at all, but he can fly and he could really pick up once camp starts. I know Wisconsin and Michigan State want him on campus."
Defensive end Jonathan Burt holds a few offers too.
"He's got several from Cincinnati, Minnesota and he was supposed to go to Indiana on Tuesday," he said. "I'm 90% sure they were going to offer. He'll be there next week and they'll offer.
"He's up to 250-pounds and looks like he's in the NFL. We've toyed with the idea of outside linebacker, but we're looking more to move him inside cause he's pretty quick and could be 290 once he gets into a college weight program."
A handful of other prospects have MAC offers including defensive end Josh Posley, offensive lineman Deyshawn Bond and athlete Jordan Shine.
"Posley wants to go to a Big Ten school," he said. "He's a solid 6-foot-1, no more and 235-pounds. He's quick, but I would say he's more of a hand down guy. He's a real good pass rusher and is really good at what he does. You let him go get the quarterback like Dwight Freeney, he's that type of guy.
"Bond has gained 40-pounds this winter and is up to 6-foot-3 now. He's a versatile kid and is probably an offensive center in college. He developed over the winter and he has a chance for bigger offers early next year, otherwise he's a solid MAC player.
"Finally, Jordan Shine is a kid that'll go through the summer and people will see what kind of athlete he is. Of the 4,000 kids at this school he's the best athlete. He can run and jump. He's strong and the thing is, he needs to get his grades up. Purdue has said they will offer once they see an ACT. He's a kid that can really take off."