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Recruiting picks up for Carter after MVP honors

Athlete Morgan Carter out of Woodbridge (Va.) C.D.) Hylton came away from the Elite College Combine with MVP honors at wide receiver. The result of that is an increase in interest for the 6-foot-4, 206-pounder from schools across the country.
"On Tuesday, I won the wide receiver MVP award at the Elite," he said. "I felt pretty good when I came there. I didn't have a lot of expectations and wasn't a nationally ranked recruit, but I showed I could compete and let them know I'm worthy to be a top tier wideout.
"I think I showed my aggressiveness and ability to get away from the jam. I tried to run crisp routes and catch the ball with my hands. A few times I caught it with my body, I know I didn't drop a pass out there too."
Though he participated as a wideout, Carter wished he had gotten reps other places too.
"I wish I would have gone and played at quarterback and defensive back," he said. "I came in worried about proving myself one place and once that happens, then I can switch to another position. That's the good thing for me; I'm so versatile you can't shut the door on me being just a wide receiver. I'm an athlete."
Carter is looking to impress scouts more with possibly two more camps in the near future a combine on May 6th in Charlotte and the Nike Camp at Penn State on the 12th. He also claims he will go to quite a few summer camps, although wasn't sure which ones at this time.
As for offers, the Dominion prospect still holds two scholarships from Connecticut and Rutgers.
"I've spoken to a few teams including Notre Dame, Alabama and others," he said. "It's still early. They want to go ahead and review the film and then go from there. They all have been saying they are very impressed and heard great things about me."
Meanwhile, are there any leaders for Carter?
"I'm pretty much wide open," he said. "I did grow up in a tough household though as my mom is an Arkansas alumni and my dad has a lot of buddies at Ohio State and played at Toledo.
"Right now I'm looking for a couple things. I want a school that'll develop me as a person, student and athlete. I want somewhere with a strong academic background since I'm looking at biology or biomedical engineering because my plan is to be a physician one day and if I get the opportunity to go pro I'll take that too. I also want some stability and a positive staff. I don't want to turn around and the coach that has been recruiting me is gone. The winning record doesn't matter to me; I just want a great community."