Recruiting interest increases for SoCal LB

Linebacker Luke Zelon (6-3, 215) from Santa Monica, Calif., is getting the job on both sides of the ball though his team is struggling a bit.
In six games, Zelon has racked up, 66 tackles and five sacks. As a receiver he has 189 receiving yards, three receiving touchdowns.
Recently caught up the talented linebacker to find out how his season is going.
"It's going ok," Zelon said regarding his team's season. "We're at 2-4 right now but we won our first league game last week, and those are all that count for playoffs, so we're looking forward to next week and trying to go undefeated in league, that's our goal."
"I'm doing pretty good, I'm pretty satisfied," Zelon said. "I switched positions after the first game of the season. One of our players actually broke his neck, so I filled in and moved from outside linebacker to standup defensive end.
"I'm still playing outside linebacker a lot, but that's kind of changed and I'm really liking that position actually. I'm pretty satisfied right now."
The recruiting trail has recently picked up for Zelon as college coaches have been spotted at his games.
"There was a coach from Arizona State at the game last week, and the week before that Stanford's linebackers coach, coach Andy Buh was watching me play," Zelon said. "You get a little nervous playing in front of them. You want to make sure you're doing everything right all the time, but it feels great to have people want to come see you and are thinking about you. I like it."
"I have four, actually. I was offered by San Diego State over the summer," Zelon said. "I talk to them all the time, they call me a lot to check in and see how I'm doing. I love the location and San Diego. It's really close to home and it's my only in-state offer right now, so I love that."
"I talk to all the other three all the time," Zelon said. "I talk to coach Paul Rhoads at Iowa State a lot. Actually, before my game the other day, coach Chris Ash called me while I was in the locker room and we chatted a little bit. Washington State I talk to all the time and Harvard as well."
Does Zelon have any visits planned?
"Last weekend I took the SAT's, and this week I have my grandparents in town," Zelon said. "I didn't want to take any before the test because I'd been studying each weekend - that was the only time I had free. Now that that's done, I definitely want to try to get out to some schools and check out some games.
"I definitely want to go to Iowa State, Harvard and Washington State," Zelon said. "I had a trip planned there in September, but since school hadn't started yet I wasn't allowed to go. I did take an unofficial to San Diego State over the summer before they offered me, so I'm not sure if I'm taking an official there or not.
"I'm looking forward to all of my visits in different ways," Zelon said. "Iowa State, I'm excited because my coach now was coached by Coach Rhoads. He talks to me all the time, and my coach tells me what a great guy he is. From what I hear, I'm going to love his coaching style.
"Iowa State likes my versatility and they need some players to come in on defense and be contributors next year. They've started the season off great so far, but they need players to come in and play now. They think I can be one of those guys."
"Washington State was the first to offer me, so that's kept me interested," Zelon said. "They were on my before anyone else.
"Harvard is just a great academic school and I've heard they have a beautiful campus," Zelon said. "My grandparents live back East, but I've never really been to Boston at all so I'd like to check that out."
Is there a timeframe for Zelon's decision?
"I don't know," Zelon said. "I used to think I'd take all my visits and then make a decision after that, but I don't know.
"Since Stanford got involved, they said they want me to come up and they're really interested," Zelon said. "They said an offer could be coming shortly, I talked to Coach Buh through e-mails the other day. If they offer, I'd love to take a trip out there, but I don't know."
"If I love a school and I know it's the right place for me, I might just commit then."