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RCS Nashville survey: Prospects weigh in on Kentucky, Louisville

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With most of the top players from the state of Kentucky on hand over the weekend at the Nashville stop of the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp, we decided there was no better time to take the temperature of the players and get their opinions on the two major in-state programs. Below are the results of our unscientific survey.

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Which school has the best campus? 

Kentucky's Kroger Field
Kentucky's Kroger Field (AP Images)

“Well, UK has a nicer campus right now, because they got the new facilities. But I saw something on Twitter about Louisville getting their new facilities, so it's gonna look pretty good. So UK right now.” – 2019 defensive back Trel Riley

“Right now I would say Kentucky. It’s a lot more spread out than condensed like Louisville’s is.” – Rivals250 wide receiver Milton Wright

“Probably Kentucky. It’s a preference for me. Louisville is more of a commuter college, so it’s just not the same. I feel like you can go away to Kentucky and stay in the dorms and you feel that college feeling. The dorms are nice at Louisville, too, but not quite the same.” – Rivals100 Michigan commit Stephen Herron

“I'd say Kentucky right now, because Louisville hasn't finished building their new stuff, but Kentucky already built theirs. It's pretty nice, but I think they'll both be nice in the future.” – 2020 defensive tackle Octavious Oxendine

“I don't really know. They're both welcoming. Kentucky's is spread out, Louisville's is more compact.” – 2020 four-star Devito Tisdale

“I'm gonna have to go with Kentucky on this one." – Three-star athlete Aidan Robbins

“UK, SEC, yeah they got that bread. Bigger.” – Three-star defensive end J.J. Weaver

“I've never been to UK, so Louisville.” – 2019 linebacker Jared Casey

“Kentucky.” – 2019 Kentucky offensive line commit Eli Cox

“Straight up? Hmm … Kentucky.” – 2020 offensive lineman Walker Parks

Which school has the best uniforms? 

Louisville's Lamar Jackson
Louisville's Lamar Jackson (AP Images)

“Louisville. Especially with those all-black uniforms they had last year.” – Herron

“Louisville by far. Louisville’s uniforms are raw.” – Wright

“I'm an adidas guy, so Louisville.” – Tisdale

“Louisville, hands down. Adidas. Yeah, it's adidas.” – Weaver

“I'll say Louisville, because you know I like adidas more than I like Nike.” – Riley

“Kentucky. Nike, chrome helmets, and blue looks better than red in my opinion.” – Cox

“I've always been an adidas man because of my high school so Louisville.” - Oxendine

"Louisville. Easily." – Robbins

“Kentucky, because I'm a Nike guy.” – Parks

“Louisville.” – Casey

“Kentucky.” – Jones

Which school will win the most games in 2018? 

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops
Kentucky coach Mark Stoops (AP Images)

“Louisville's lost Lamar Jackson. So that's like what, 100 percent of their offense? I think it will be interesting, that's a toss-up game for me (UL v. UK). I think Kentucky's got potential. There are some big-time SEC swing games that they're trying to turn the country and win. I want to see Kentucky win the most games." – Cox

“Louisville has had the better schedule than Kentucky. You know Kentucky is on the rise, but I'll say Louisville.” – Riley

“Louisville most likely. Louisville has been the better team most of the time.” – Jones

“Kentucky has been on the come-up, in terms of winning games and getting the right athletes, and I think Stoops is doing big things right now. With Louisville I don’t know. It depends on who can make a big impact with Lamar gone.” – Herron

“I still think Louisville will put up a better win record than Kentucky will this year.” - Wright

“I think Kentucky.” – Weaver

"Again, Louisville. Easily." – Robbins

“Probably Louisville.” – Parks

“Louisville.” – Tisdale

“Louisville.” – Casey

“Hard to say. I don't know. Both have had a lot of good recruits coming in and both are good football programs. So I don't know.” - Oxendine