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By Joe Powell
Special to Rivals.com

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SALINE, Mich. -- The Rivals.com analysts got to know the prospects at the Rivals Camp Series Detroit event on the field, but we also wanted to see what makes them tick off the field. We asked close to 50 athletes questions ranging from Twitter follows to pre-game rituals to Super Bowl predictions. Here are their very varied answers.
What is the main reason you chose to attend this camp?
"It's an opportunity to get more attention in the recruiting cycle. I just want to be a part of big events like this to get my name out there." - Neville Gallimore, DL, Canada Prep Academy (ON)
"I came out here today to get more exposure. I'm trying to show my abilities off and create an opportunity for myself." - JuNiel Liles, RB, Lima Senior (OH)
"I came here to get better. This camp gives me a chance to square off against some of the best football players in the nation." - Cam White, WR, Lima Catholic Central (OH)
"I wanted to see how I stack up against some of the best athletes in the country. This camp brings in top talent, so it's the perfect place to see how I do." - Brock Monty, QB, Kapaun Mt. Carmel (KS)
What's your favorite pregame ritual when you play?
"I have to listen to music and stretch before I play. I like listening to Meek Mill while I stretch and that seems to work for me." - Taran Smith, LB, Muskegon (MI)
"I like to listen to music and stretch. I stretch probably way more than you're supposed to, but it helps me get focused." - Cameron Cole, WR, Saline (MI)
"I always listen to music before games. My favorite artist to listen to is definitely Kendrick Lamar." - John Davies, QB, Green (OH)
"I love motivating my teammates before games. Music helps too, but I love hyping up my teammates before a game." - Alezay Coleman, DB, Muskegon (MI)
"Before the games, I just like to stay focused. I try my best not to get distracted. I always visualize what's going to happen on the field and that seems to help the best." - Abdullah Yaseen, DB, Oak Park (MI)
When you're not studying or playing football, what do you spend most of your time doing?
"Right now I'm busy playing baseball. I also work a lot though, so I manage to stay pretty busy." - Anthony Gunn, WR, Notre Dame Prep (MI)
"I'm busy lifting weights at school just trying to get bigger and stronger. I also go over my plays as much as I can. I can't forget eating though, that's a big one." -Zeke Martin, OL, Medina (OH)
"I spend most of my time just lifting weights and eating. I do like to check out recruiting material as well. I just like to see where things stand." - Jared Devoe, DL, Clarinda (IA)
"I spend most of my time at our school's weight room trying to get better. I also like to watch movies. My favorite right now has to be A Haunted House 2." - Matthew Falcon, RB, Southfield (MI)
"I'm either working out for football or just hanging out with my friends doing whatever." - Nick Marosi, WR, Grand Rapids Catholic Central (MI)
If you had to pick today, what would you major in at college?
"I would have to pick something in sports medicine. I want to be a part of sports my whole life and I feel like that route would allow me to do so." - Kahlid Kareem, LB, Farmington Hills Harrison (MI)
"I'm interested in getting into environmental sciences. I really want to learn about power plants and how to make the environment better overall. Plus it's good money."- Khary Harris, DL, Warren De La Salle (MI)
"Right now I'm leaning towards engineering. I'm very interested because I love both science and math. It's a good combination of both." - Cole Chewins, TE, Clarkston (MI)
"I want to get into something with music. I'm extremely passionate about music and I know that everybody loves music in some way. It would be a real cool industry to be a part of." - Julien Moore, RB, St. Patrick's (NY)
"I'm looking into something within social sciences. I just like working with other people and trying to help them." - Jack Cassar, LB, Iona Catholic school (SK)
What is the No. 1 goal for your football career?
"My goal is to be able go to a Division 1 college, and get a free education because of football. That would be ideal." -Steven Spenner, LB, Berrien Springs (MI)
"With football, I just want to play the best that I possibly can and to give everything I've got on every play. I think that is the most important thing to me when playing football." - Michael Onwenu, DL, Cass Tech (MI)
"I just want to be able to play football at the Division 1 level, on a full ride scholarship." - Donovan Stewart, QB, Wyandotte (MI)
"My goal is to try and make it all the way and one day play in the NFL. I want to try and make it all the way." - Shaun Thomas, LB, Glenville (OH)
"My goal is to make it to the NFL, but I want to make it to the league so I can one day be able to support my mom. I want to be able to give back to her for everything that she has done for me." - Lawrence Gordon, DL, Saginaw Arthur Hill (MI)
What is your favorite account to follow on Twitter?
"My favorite follow is SportsCenter (@sportscenter). It's a good mixture of sports and also humor." - Alex Salytchev, RB, Preston (MA)
"I really enjoy following Coach Dan Shale (@coachshale) because it's just good motivational tweets every single day." - Kiki Hill, WR, Aransas Pass (TX)
"My favorite is Deion Sanders (@Deionsanders). He's real entertaining and he is of course one of the best NFL players of all time. - London Cloud, LB, Bedford (OH)
"I like to follow the NFL (@NFL) because it helps me stay updated with everything going on in the league and they tweet out a lot of cool stats." - Mason Bennett, DL, Vincent Massey Collegiate (AL)
"I'd have to pick De'Anthony Thomas (@CHECKDAT6), because he's really funny and he has got his own style with the way he tweets. I really admire that he does his own thing." - Marcus Knenter, RB, W F Herman (AL)
Who is your favorite college football player?
"My favorite college football player is Darqueze Dennard. I'm a defensive back and want to be able to play like he did at Michigan State. I just love his style of aggressive play." - Tyson Smith, DB, Orchard Lake St. Mary's (MI)
"I would have to choose Taylor Lewan as my favorite player. I'm like him in certain ways, giant and funny. Plus he's a great offensive lineman." - Cameron Bell, OL, Nordonia Hills (OH)
"My favorite college football player right now is Tony Brown down at Alabama. He's a true freshman starting at corner and I look up to him. I want to do some of the same things that he is doing." - Jalen Moore, DB, Denver East (CO)
"I'd have to say my favorite player right now is Shilique Calhoun up at Michigan State. He's a beast. He tears apart offensive lineman and has a knack of getting to the quarterback." - David Moorman, OL, Northville (MI)
"I really like to watch Stefon Diggs out at Maryland. He is such a crafty player. He's good in so many areas of the game and no one can cover him." - Shane Holler, WR, Clarkston (MI)
What team will win the college football national championship?
"Florida State repeats because of famous Jameis Winston. He just can't be stopped." - Nyck Grayson, DL, Nordonia (OH)
"I'm going with Texas A&M. I think that the new quarterback Kyle Allen will come in and tear it up as a true freshman." - Luke Anthony, QB, All Saints Episcopal (TX)
"I think Ole Miss is going to win it all. They can really play. They have a ton of crazy talent down there." - Josh Alabi, DL, Cass Tech (MI)
"I'm going to have to pick Alabama. I think they will be able to replace A.J. McCarron pretty easily, and they have an absolutely loaded freshman class coming in for next year." - Daniel Crawford, TE, Macomb Dakota (MI)
"I think Michigan State takes it next year. They have the best defense in the nation and that will be enough to push them to the top."- Sean Bunting, WR, Chippewa valley (MI)
Who is your favorite NFL player?
"My favorite player right now is Adrian Peterson. He's got everything you want in a running back. He can run, catch, block really well." - Mike Weber, RB, Cass Tech (MI)
"I have to go with Ndmaukong Suh. He's the best defensive lineman in the NFL right now. I just love his style of play. He's relentless." - Mohammed Abdallah, OL, Dearborn (MI)
"Vernon Davis, because he is a great tight end. He's a hybrid player so he is so hard to cover for defenses. He seems like a really humble guy too." - Nathan Skene, TE, Hartland (MI)
"Richard Sherman is my favorite NFL player. I just love his overall game. He brings an attitude and passion to the game that I really admire." - Marvin White, DB, Oak Park (MI)
"My favorite player is Justin Tuck. He plays for my favorite team, the New York Giants, and he is just an absolute animal. He's a dominate defensive player." - Zach Bycznski, OL, Berea-Midpark (OH)
Who will win the Super Bowl?
"Seattle will win it again next year because no one really left on their defense. Plus they still have Russell Wilson on offense to lead them." - Edrick Mathews, OL, Cass Tech (MI)
"I'm going with Seattle. That defense they have is just too good. I don't see them getting beat in the playoffs." -Albert Ferris, RB, Dearborn (MI)
"I think Seattle is going to repeat because of their dominant defense. They have the best defense in the league and that will be enough to win it." -Shahid Bellamy, DL, Oak Park (MI)
"I'm going with Seattle to win it all again this year. That defense will carry them. They have the best defense in the league." - C.J. Conrad, TE, Keystone (OH)
"I think the Lions are going to win the Super Bowl this year. They have Calvin Johnson and he's the best wide receiver in the game. This is the year they reverse the curse!" -Thiyo Lukusa, OL, Traverse City West (MI)
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