RB Smith reacts to Dooley news

Laray Smith was supposed to take his official visit to Tennessee next weekend but those plans have changed.
It doesn't have anything to do with the coaching shake-up in Knoxville. Because of a personal conflict the Brooklyn (N.Y.) Xaverian all-purpose back will instead officially visit Syracuse this coming weekend.
"Then I'll be at Tennessee on December 15," Smith said.

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What did the 6-foot-1, 185-pound prospect think when he learned Derek Dooley will no longer be coaching the Big Orange?
"I didn't expect all of that to happen," he said. "It don't affect me too much but I was thinking about it. I just don't know too much yet. I didn't know too much about the school in the first place 'til this year. Then I heard the coach got fired so they're going to have a new staff."
While Smith wasn't happy with the news he did say that he would still strongly consider Tennessee. Of course, he will need to find out where he stands with whoever is hired as the new coach on Rocky Top. But he wants to go through with that visit and see what the Vols have to offer.
Smith said he does not have any one clear favorite and wants to wait a little while before he sets his last three officials.