RB Pittman explodes with offers

Offers are bursting for Hampton (Va.) Phoebus running back Tony Pittman. Recently the 5-foot-11, 200-pounder has acquired a number of scholarships including from the Big East, Big Ten and SEC.
"I have offers from Syracuse, Northern Illinois, Ole miss and Purdue," he said. "They all came in recently. I don't even know all of them, I'm just trying to focus on my grades."
Grades helped Pittman get the offers come in.
"It seems like once my report card came in a lot of the offers came in," he said. "Even Alabama came in last Thursday and showed interest in me."
Do any schools impress Pittman?
"A lot of the schools do, but I'm not that familiar with college football. I don't watch it. I more watch the popular people, Trent Richardson."
The Hampton Roads prospect noted that many schools are still waiting to see more regarding his academics. So, what's the situation?
"A lot of coaches love my highlight tape, but know I have a lot of work to do in the classroom," he said. "I guess many of them want to see how I manage the second marking period."
Pittman has no visits planned in the immediate future.
At this time, Pittman claims one school sticks out just a bit over other colleges.
"Growing up, I liked Miami a lot," he said. "Just looking at them in the past, I've seen they have a lot of players that have gotten drafted to the NFL. Also, one of my favorite players came from there, Sean Taylor. I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan too and love Michael Irvin."
Pittman ran for 1,577-yards and 17 total touchdowns as a junior as he earned all-district honors.
"I didn't think I did so well, but everyone else says I did pretty good rushing," he said. "I think the thing about me is how bad I want it. You've got to have the mentality to want it and go 100% every play. I try my best to make something happen every time I touch the ball. I love getting the ball."