RB not surprised by outcome

David Horne completed his first official visit this weekend. What did he think and what does the calendar hold for him in the upcoming weeks?
"The game was the highlight of the trip and I wasn't really surprised by the outcome," Horne said when asked about the trip to Colorado.
"I thought CU had an excellent chance to win the game, but I didn't think it would be by that large of a margin."
Horne had a good time on the visit. His host for the visit was A.J. Anderson, who is an alum from Omaha Central High School in Nebraska.
"Everything went good I guess," he said. "I had a good time. Got to meet people and talk to players and coaches. It was fun."
Horne's visit schedule is changing a little bit, though.
"I was supposed to go to Michigan this next weekend (Nov. 30) but I have cancelled that one," he said.
"I'm working on rescheduling it. I'm going to Nebraska on Dec. 7 and to Iowa on Dec. 14."
Notre Dame and Wisconsin are the other schools pursuing Horne's final visit.
"I don't know where the fifth one will go to," he said. "But I probably will pick one of those two."
Horne finished the year with 1,450 yards rushing on 183 carries with 23 touchdowns.