RB Johnson Receives Good News

There were two pieces of good news this weekend for Newport News (Va.) Heritage running back Michael Johnson.
"Hearing that Randy Hand committed, that helps Virginia. When they get offensive linemen like that, it shows they're building something good." said the 5-foot-10, 180-pound star. "I'm still leaning slightly to Miami, but I think that might wear off. I'm also still considering Michigan State but that's kind of far away. I might visit Tennessee and Florida but I'm not sure yet."
And the other piece of good news?
"I got my SAT score back and I'm qualified," said Johnson who got an 850 when he needed an 820. "Now I just keep my GPA where it's at and I'll be all set. I know people have been doubting that I'll qualify, but that's all set now."
Johnson is looking forward to the dead period which official begins tomorrow.
"It'll be good to relax a bit," he said. "I'm getting tired of the process."