RB Goins starts to consider visits

Baltimore (Md.) Gilman School running back Kenneth Goins updated his recruitment. The 5-foot-9, 210-pounder claims two official offers at this time and is now starting to look ahead to visits this fall.
"The only two offers I'm solid about are Tulane and Syracuse," he said. "They have called and told me I got them and I got the handwritten offers. The other offers I'm not really sure about, I don't know if I have them."
Goins confirmed plans to visit both of his official offers soon.

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"I am taking official visits to Syracuse and Tulane during the school year," he said. "I really don't know too much about the schools going into it, I have talked to Coach Moore at Syracuse. I think he's a very nice guy, a nice person and seems like a great coach. I can say I like Syracuse more, I talk to them the most."
With visits inevitable, what is he hoping to see?
"I just want wherever I go to be a good school, a good opportunity and some place I can see myself at. Then, I'll go to football from there. I want it to be a good fit first off."
A number of other schools are watching Goins including West Virginia, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Oregon, Temple, Wake Forest, Iowa and Notre Dame.
However, the two-star prospect noted no plans for a decision anytime soon.
Goins and Gilman kicked off the season on Friday with a 68-9 victory.
"We played a home school team and I only had two carries and scored on both of them."
Next up for Goins and Gilman is Oscar Smith, one of Virginia's top teams.
"I'm not sure what to think about them, I know that they're pretty good, we've got to play our best."