RB Davis waiting on schools

In early April junior running back Charles Davis said he might be getting close to a decision.
Rutgers was the only school that had extended an offer -- or so Davis thought -- so the Scarlet Knights appeared poised to pick up a commitment from one of the top running backs on their recruiting board.
Davis still may make a decision in the next couple of weeks, but he is at least going to listen to what a few coaches have to say before he ends the process with a commitment.

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"I promised a couple of coaches I would listen to them and hear what they have to say," Davis said on Saturday.
"Cincinnati is supposed to be coming on (May) 9th. They've been trying to get in contact with me but haven't been able to for whatever reason. Temple told me they offered me a scholarship back in December but I never received it. They said they sent it to the guy who was my coach at the time, but I never received it.
"I'm just going to give a couple of coaches a chance to say what they need to say. I'm still in contact with Pitt pretty heavily and I think Miami called my new coach. I'm going to take a few more weeks ... a couple more weeks just so I know more about everything."
Davis said between all the phone calls and e-mails the recruiting process has become pretty hectic. That's especially tough considering the fact that he is trying to prepare for the SAT.
He said he has maintained a good relationship with the Rutgers coaching staff. His most recent visit was to Pitt and that went well.
"I was there about a month ago for a junior day," Davis said of Pitt. "I had a very good time. They treated me very well."