Rayner is working on rest of officials

The season has wrapped up for 6-foot-3, 220-pound linebacker Keilin Rayner. The three-star prospect has taken one official visit to date, but has an idea on who will land his final four trips.
"I have an official scheduled to East Carolina in January," he said. "I haven't set up any of the other visits. I'm going to both South Carolina and Clemson. I wanted to go when they played each other last week, but I had something planned at the same time.
"For my fifth official, that is going to be either Duke or Maryland, if Maryland offers me. I just sent my highlight tape to them."

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To date, Rayner has taken an official to North Carolina.
So, why does he want to visit these others?
"I'm interested in all of them, mainly they are all pretty good overall schools for me too."
At this stage, it's presumptuous for Rayner to name favorites.
"I don't really have any because I don't have anything to compare my North Carolina visit to," he said. "I'll make my decision close to Signing Day in February."
The season closed for Rayner and North Brunswick with a first round playoff loss.
"I did pretty well on the season," he said. "I had 160 tackles, but not that many sacks. Coach didn't blitz me that much.
"I had to work hard this year. I was pretty much double teamed most of the time, so I had to get better at shedding blocks and getting down hill faster."
Not surprisingly Rayner was named to the Shrine Bowl.
"Yeah, I'm just really excited to be able to play and spend a week with some of the good players out of North Carolina and help out the shriners."