Rawlins hopes to make top five soon

Chavas Rawlins has an offer list that is almost in double-digits and he's hoping to narrow things down before the process gets to be any more confusing.
The 6-foot-4, 190-pound quarterback and athlete from Monessen (Pa.) stopped at Pitt on Sunday and he briefly recapped his time with the Panthers.
"It was pretty cool," he said. "I've been there before and I was just watching practice. It seemed like a pretty cool practice.

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"Honestly, I would say West Virginia was a little better than Pitt, just as a practice. I would say I liked the intensity and the fast pace and more organized stations. That caught my eye a little more at West Virginia."
Rawlins did say he spoke with all of the coaches at Pitt and is very interested in the Panthers.
Most schools are recruiting Rawlins as a quarterback but Ohio State and Penn State are saying wide receiver or safety. What does he think of that?
"At most schools I would want to play quarterback," he said. "For the big schools, like Ohio State or Penn State, I don't think athlete would be a problem. I think their coaches would be good enough to get me excited about another position."
Rawlins went on to say he hopes to make a top five sometime in April.