Ramesh looks back at Wisconsin visit

Class of 2013 prospect Austin Ramesh lives in the extreme northern part of Wisconsin, which does not usually attract much attention from college coaches. The Eagle River (Wisc.) Northland Pines prospect is giving coaches a reason to include it as a stopover on their recruiting travels, however.
One of the teams showing strong early interest in Ramesh is Wisconsin, and the 6-2, 215-pound prospect visited the Badgers last weekend for their game against Purdue.
"That was my first visit to any games, and it was cool going to Madison," Ramesh said. "Everybody is so hyped up in the town. We got there early, then ate and talked to the coaches. We went down on the sidelines for pre-game warm-ups and after the game got to go into the locker room and talk with the players.

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Ramesh was encouraged by his talks with the Wisconsin coaching staff, and the feedback he received from them.
"The running backs coach, I just thought it was cool that he knew who I was," Ramesh said. "He said he had seen a lot of film on me."
Being an in-state recruit, Ramesh's familiarity with Wisconsin football is extensive. They were the college team he followed most growing up.
"I'd have to say it has always been the Badgers," Ramesh said. "That was the first game I got to go to a game, but I've always watched them on TV."
Ramesh has also had extensive contact with Boston College, Nebraska and Michigan State this fall, but Wisconsin leads the way in early recruiting of the 2013 prospect.
"I would say that Wisconsin has got to be the one that so far has the biggest interest in me," Ramesh said. "They send me letters every week."
Ramesh is building relationships with the other college coaches recruiting him, and hopes to see a few more schools in the coming months.
"Coach [Brad] Salem from Michigan State wanted me to come down there for a game," Ramesh said. "I don't know if we will be able to get that in with hockey, but I hope to get a couple more invites."
Ramesh plays forward for his hockey team, but football looks to be his future. The question now is what position will he play? He stars at both running back and linebacker for Northland Pines, and is receiving interest for both positions.
"It wouldn't really matter to me," said Ramesh, who rushed 222 times for 2,263 yards and 19 touchdowns on offense this fall. "I love defense too, and I love catching the ball too, so I could even go and be a tight end or something like that."
Ramesh said he has not received a lot of feedback on position from college coaches, but at this point in the process building relationships is the bigger priority.