Rambo considers Cal offer

Evan Rambo has been committed to San Diego State since late June but he just received an interesting offer from the Pac-12 that definitely has him thinking.
"Cal offered on Friday," Rambo said.
"I was talking to them but I wasn't really expecting a scholarship offer right now. I was just talking to and being recruited by coach (Greg) Burns, the DB coach, I've just been talking to him."
The Pasadena (Calif.) LaSalle prospect said he had multiple communications with Burns on Friday and finally heard the good news later in the afternoon.
Rambo, a 6-foot-3, 185-pound athlete, said he remains committed to San Diego State but he clearly has some things to go over with those close to him and he wants to visit Cal sometime this season.
"I called (Burns) twice that day," Rambo said. "I called him at 10 o'clock and he told me to call back at 12:45 so we could talk a little bit more. He talked to my head coach and I called him back and he was telling me how everything checked out, they like me and they want to extend a scholarship to me.
"I'm still committed right now. The scholarship offer evens everything out. Both schools are at an even level right now."
The Pasadena LaSalle recruit wants to visit both Cal and San Diego State and Rambo also wants to see if other programs get more seriously involved. UCLA and Washington State have reached out and Rambo is excited to see if more offers will come his way through his senior year.
'I want to take an official visit later on in the year once I can plan that out," Rambo said. "I want to schedule one to San Diego State, too. Really it's just talking things over with my parents and my coaches and seeing what is the best fit."