Rainey continuing family tradition

Houston Stratford cornerback Kelvin Rainey had a solid junior season in 2010, earning District 17-4A Newcomer of the Year honors for the Spartans. The 6-foot-1, 174-pound defender was one of the top players on a playoff team.
Now Rainey is starting to receive a bit of college attention. Two schools in particular seem to have taken notice of the tall defensive back.
"Right now there are a few schools recruiting me," Rainey said. "(Texas) A&M and Arizona are the main two. I've talked to both of those schools."
Over the weekend Rainey visited one of those two programs on an unofficial visit.
"I went up to A&M for a junior day this past weekend," he said. "It was neat. It was a nice experience. They broke us up into position groups and told us what they like in their players, the types of coverages they do and stuff like that.
"They didn't say anything about an offer or anything like that. They just said it was one step closer."
Rainey is no stranger to the recruiting process as his older brothers, Johnathan Rainey and Derrick Rainey, both currently play college football.
"I have two brothers," he said. "They both graduated from Northbrook here in Houston. One is at New Mexico and one is at Arizona. Derrick is at Arizona and Johnathan is a New Mexico."
While he has been receiving attention from the school of one of his brothers, the other has yet to show interest.
"I've talked to Arizona a little bit," Rainey said. "They've sent letters in the mail and everything. I'm hopefully going to go out there and check them out at some point. I haven't heard from New Mexico at all."