Race tightens for Treadwell

A key to Ole Miss jumping out front for the services of Crete-Monee (Ill.) wide receiver Laquon Treadwell last month was his mother accompanying him on an official visit to Oxford.
His mother was not with him this past weekend when he officially visited Oklahoma State, but the trip was still a family affair.
"I had three uncles down there, my little cousin and one of their wives, so I had lots of family there," Treadwell said. "They live down there. They went on all the tours, all my dinners and took me back to my hotel."

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Oklahoma State has held a spot among Treadwell's favorites since the 6-foot-3, 198-pound wide receiver first named a top group. This past weekend, however, was the first recruiting trip he has been able to make to Stillwater.
"In every aspect it met my expectations," Treadwell said. "The facilities are top-notch … some of the best I've seen, by far. The coaches were even better than I thought they would be. I've been on the phone with them and seen them around the school, but just hanging around them was great."
Treadwell noted that having family with him in Stillwater helped him acclimate quickly to his surroundings, but he also credited the Oklahoma State players, specifically freshman running back Caleb Muncrief, for making him feel at home.
"I was very comfortable and I started acting like myself around them probably the first day," Treadwell said. "Caleb really helped me get comfortable -- asking me what I wanted to do and getting me real comfortable with everybody.
"They have a lot of great players down there -- great players as (people). I met all the receivers, the DBs, the linemen and just had a good time and enjoyed myself. There's good people around the program."
With his mother not able to make the trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma State coaches made sure to capitalize on the positive vibe coming off the official visit by heading north to see her on Monday.
"Coach asked me if he could come down the next day for a home visit and I said, 'Yes,'" Treadwell said. "My mom had a great vibe with them and liked what they were trying to do."
Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze along with assistant coaches Wesley McGriff and Grant Heard followed up Oklahoma State's in-home visit with one of their own on Tuesday evening. He has visited Ole Miss more than any of his finalists, and has already had all his questions about the program answered.
"[The in-home] is just to hang out basically," Treadwell said. "We're just talking, getting more comfortable and mom is getting a better feel for the coaches.
"I still like what they are trying to do as a program, all the big recruits that they are landing and the vibe of the program."
Ole Miss went into this past weekend as the leader over Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.
A press conference has been set for Thursday, but Treadwell noted his official visit to Oklahoma State this past weekend has made this a tighter race.
"It's still a decision I am in the process of making," Treadwell said. "It is by far a hard decision, but it is coming down to these last home visits. I feel like I have been in this process for a long time. It is wearing down on me and I am ready to make a decision."
Thursday's announcement from Treadwell is set for 5 p.m. CT and the press conference will take place at Crete-Monee High School.
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