R250 WR enjoying the process

New Orleans (La.) Warren Easton 2016 Rivals250 wide receiver Clyde Leflore-Chriss is soaking up the opportunities presented in the recruiting process, and counting his blessings.
"It's been great. It's just been a blessing," Leflore-Chriss said. "It's a blessing just to have your name out there to be known as one of the best or even the best wide receiver in your class."
The 6-foot, 163-pound standout already holds offers from several top programs. The list includes LSU, Clemson, Ole Miss, Georgia, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, UCLA, and Arkansas has also recently entered the picture.
He is not ready to name any leaders or favorites right now in the recruiting process, but three schools have stood out from an attention standpoint.
"I wouldn't say too many schools are standing out, but if I had to tell a few schools are really giving me a lot I would say Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Ole Miss," Leflore-Chriss said.
One coach has also worked hard to establish a strong bond with the receiver.
"Yeah coach Kevin Curtis from Texas Tech," Leflore-Chriss said. "We've developed a close bond. He's shown a lot of attention in me. There was one thing he told me. He said it's not that we want you it's that we're game planning for you to come to our school. There's no if we want you we're going to get you it's we need you. We need you because you fit into our program and we want you to come."
During the summer, he did not attend many camps, but he did attend the Rivals250 Underclassmen Challenge and the LSU camp. The trip to Baton Rouge was a good one and he enjoyed the compteition. However, one aspect of the visit did stand above the rest.
"Just coach Henry himself. He has that pull," Leflore-Chriss said. "Like NFL coaches know him so they know he's getting you ready for the NFL. So they're going to be looking at you a lot."
He does not have any unofficial visits scheduled for the 2014 season, and he is currently preparing for a strong junior season. The expectations are high at Warren Easton, and Leflore-Chriss and his teammates are getting ready.
"We want to take it all the way," Leflore-Chriss said. "We feel like we have the team with Tyron, D.J., Dedrick, we just have a complete team. We feel likes it's now or never. We're just coming together as a team and just communicating as a team and just getting ready. Getting mentally prepared. We're already physically prepared and we have to get mentally prepared."
Leflore-Chriss is currently ranked No. 101 in the 2016 Rivals250, No. 16 among the nation's 2016 wide receivers, and No. 9 in the Louisiana Initial Top 30.