R250 OL tweaks top five

Earlier this month Rivals250 offensive lineman Pat Allen officially announced a top five at the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge presented by Under Armour in Baltimore. Atop that list was, in no order, Georgia, Ohio State and Oklahoma with Michigan and Florida State rounding out the top five. After visits to Georgia and Tennessee, Allen has tweaked his top schools.
"We started driving down to Georgia at midnight and the camp was about to start when we got there," said the 6-foot-4, 280-pound Allen. "I went straight into the camp and it was fun because I got to meet coach Richt right away. He was really cool. It was fun talking to him and being there. I talked to him about what my position would be, the Georgia way and how it is down at Georgia. I was really comfortable there.
"After the camp I got a tour of the weight room, the whole football building and the dorms," he said. "I watched them doing team building stuff and it was pretty cool. I got to hang out with Sterling Bailey before he had to go do team workouts. I got to watch and see how they work together. I really enjoyed it."
"At Tennessee we met the coaches at the facility after we ate," Allen said. "It was really nice. I talked with the coaches about my position, the team and stuff like that. Their stadium was really big. I got to step on the field and it was pretty cool."
Based off of what he saw on these visits, Allen has made some small changes to his top five.
"Theses visit were really good for both of them because it put Tennessee in my top five," he said. "It really bumped Georgia up close to the lead. It was really comfortable and I felt really good when I was there.
"My top five right now is Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Michigan and Tennessee," said Allen. "I wouldn't say Georgia is the leader but they're really high. Ohio State and Georgia are tied for the lead. Oklahoma, Michigan and Tennessee are third, fourth and fifth. I really think my decision is going to be based off my visits. There are still some schools I want to see like Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Michigan. Michigan might be my next visit."
Allen added that he might also visit Florida State in July.