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There may not be any player in the country with a longer or more impressive offer sheet than Rivals250 linebacker Ricky DeBerry. The Richmond (Va.) St. Christopher's standout has cut his list to eight and breaks down each of them below.
Alabama- "Alabama is Alabama," said the 6-foot-2, 246-poudn DeBerry. "They've been number one for the past couple of seasons. Nick Saban knows how to develop his players and put them in a position to be successful in the NFL. Coach Lance Thompson is a great outside linebackers coach and I love the inside linebackers coach as well. They really want to get me down there for a game.

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Ohio State- "I talk to coach Urban Meyer almost every other day," he said. "He definitely stays in contact with me and they had a great recruiting class this past year. I love coach Larry Johnson. He's one of my favorite coaches of all-time and my mom really loves him. I can definitely see the Buckeyes doing big things this year with Braxton Miller coming back. I love be up at Ohio State and I just can't wait to go back up there for a game."
Oklahoma- "Oklahoma has always been one of my favorite schools," DeBerry said. "There's something about Oklahoma that I love. Coach Stoops is a great coach and good guy. I could really see myself going out there and playing the position I want to play. I'm really starting to like them because they're going to need linebackers and because of the renovations they're making. I know my mom hasn't been able to get out there but I want to make sure she sees it so she can see why my dad and I love it."
Penn State- "Going up to Penn State this last time really did open my eyes to them again," he said. "I really like them a lot. I have a good relationship with all the commits and the staff that was at Vanderbilt. I fell like they're very genuine and I have a great relationship with the coaching staff. They are my mom's favorite school so it's definitely a place I want to get back to."
Texas A&M- "I've never seen anything like I did this past weekend," said DeBerry. "Texas A&M was one of the best visits I've ever had from the facilities to the people, players and coaches. I could definitely see myself going to Texas A&M. I saw their new locker room right after their players. I talked with some of the players and the coaches are very genuine and very cool. They really have a need for linebackers and I feel like I could come in and help right away."
Tennessee- "I still have a good relationship with Tennessee and it is a good place," he said. "They have a lot of talent with the new guys coming in. A lot of my friends have gone there and I have a good relationship with coach Thigpen, coach Jones and coach Azzani. They always make sure I'm doing all right. I really like the atmosphere and the people there. I know my dad really likes it there and, overall, it's a great place with a lot of tradition. I really can't wait to get back up for a game this year."
Virginia- "Virginia is home," DeBerry said. "I've really been interested in playing at home and representing my state as much as I possibly can. I have a good relationship with all the coaches, especially coach London. He and I talk often and I really like what he is all about. When we talk it's not always about recruiting, it's about life in general. You're always looking for someone that can keep you leveled and humble I think he can do that. I have a good relationship with everyone on the team, guys like Quin Blanding, Andrew Brown and Eli Harold. I definitely wouldn't mind playing with them."
Virginia Tech- "I love the coaches at Virginia Tech," he said. "Coach Shane Beamer is one of my favorite recruiters. Even if I don't go to Virginia Tech, he still really likes me as a person. Coach Foster's defense speaks for itself and they're always one of the tops in the country. I really fell like they could help me develop my skills and perfect my craft. Coach Frank Beamer is going to go into the hall of fame as one of the best college coaches to ever live. I could definitely see myself playing for him."
DeBerry maintains that none of these eight schools have pulled away from the pack.
"Right now I can't really say I have any favorites," said DeBerry. "I have some schools I like more based on facilities and relationships with the coaches but I don't really have a favorite school.
"I think have a pretty strong relationship with coach Spencer at Penn State and coach Meyer at Ohio State," he said. "I have a great relationship with coach Montgomery at Oklahoma. Him and I talk at least twice a week. Coach Sumlin and I are starting to talk more and more."
One school is still very much in play for DeBerry and they will be getting an official visit.
"There's still one school I'm still considering that didn't make my top eight and that's Michigan State," DeBerry said. "I'm not sure if I'm going to take a visit there or not. I'm still interested in them because I really have a great relationship with the coaches. At the same time, they want me to pay defensive end on every single snap and that's not really something I want to do. They know that I've lost weight and now they're saying they'd put me at linebacker so I don't know. I really like the coaches and I really like the atmosphere there but defensive end is not my thing. I don't mind playing it in certain situations but not every single snap."
Where else will DeBerry be taking official visits?
"All of these schools are going to get officials except Penn State, Ohio State, Virginia and Virginia Tech," he said. "My dad won't be able to make it to Ohio State with us so it will be my mom and one of our friends. That will be an unofficial visit.
"I know we're gong to Virginia VS UCLA, Penn State VS Ohio State and Ohio State VS Virginia Tech," said DeBerry. "I think we're going to Tennessee VS Florida. I really want to see a good Oklahoma game but they're the best team in the Big 12 so I don't want to see a blow out. We might go to their game when they play Tennessee. That might be their best game. For Texas A&M I know I want to go to their Ole Miss game. We're still debating is we're going to go Virginia Tech when they play Virginia or Thursday night against Miami. I think we'll see Alabama against Florida or Auburn. We haven't decided yet."
DeBerry has an idea of when his recruitment will be coming to an end.
"Now I'm just going to take my last visits and that's it," he said. "I really want to just finish up my visits so I can get down to it and make my decision and enjoy the rest of my senior year.
"My decision should be in November or December," DeBerry said. "I haven't decided yet. It should happen before Christmas. More than likely it should be from this list. I might narrow it down again after my visits to maybe three or four."
DeBerry had named a top 20 at the end of March.
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