R100 RB visits three

Richmond (Va.) Hermitage running back Derrick Green was very busy this past weekend. The 6-foot, 215-pounder planned on taking visits to two schools but ended up checking out three instead. Who did he visit and what were his impressions?
"We were supposed to just visit NC State and Clemson, but we actually got lost and ended up at North Carolina instead on Friday first," said Green of his family outing. "I guess we put the directions in wrong or something. I told coach Jordan and he told us to stop and visit so we did. Then we went to NC State after that and Saturday we went to Clemson."
So how was his surprise visit to Chapel Hill?

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"It was good, I liked UNC a lot more than I expected to," he said. "Coach Jordan is a good guy and everything there was cool. It was kind of a quick visit, but I got a good feel for it."
And NC State?
"Coach Willis is my recruiter there and they have been recruiting me very hard," he said. "It's a great school, I got to meet the head coach and liked him and the running backs coach and I hit it off. I'm the perfect back for their system they say and they love to run the ball."
Green finished off his trio of visits with Clemson.
"Clemson was amazing," he said. "I usually find a few faults with each place I visit and when we left Clemson I couldn't find any. Coach Elliott, the running backs coach, is awesome and I liked coach Venables and coach Swinney. I got to speak to Sammy Watkins about some stuff and I was the last person to leave, literally. I was asking so many questions when I looked around, there was no one left but me."
So does that make Clemson his leader?
"No, I don't have a leader, but I am really interested in them," he said. "I also liked NC State, but Clemson was the best visit of the three."
What's next for Green?
"I am hoping to visit Oklahoma and Wisconsin sometime soon and I might visit Oklahoma State too if I get down there," he said. "I really want to see Oklahoma and the Oklahoma State running backs coach said I need to swing by if I do. Wisconsin I really like the running game, they run the ball like crazy. I hope to make those trips in March or April."
Early in the process many felt that Ohio State was the team to beat with former teammate Curtis Grant there. Is that the case at all?
"Every school is even for me now, but I have always liked Ohio State because I grew up a fan of Eddie George and of the program," he said. "And Curtis likes it out there. He speaks highly of the new staff, but everyone thinks I'm headed to Ohio State, I hear it all the time. I have a lot of visits to take and am not ready to make any decisions."