R100 DE enjoys PSU

Ashburn (Va.) Stone Bridge defensive end Jonathan Allen took an unofficial visit to Penn State this weekend for the Nittany Lions Junior Day and came away impressed for many different reasons.
"I really enjoyed it, I actually liked it a lot better than I thought I would," said the 6-foot-3, 225-pounder. "I thought I'd like it but not as much. I went up there with my friend and teammate Ryan Burns and we both had a good time."
Allen, ranked as the nation's No. 100 prospect overall, liked the new staff.

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"Larry Johnson is still there and he's my position and recruiting coach but I really liked Bill O'Brien and the new members of the staff," he said. "Coach O'Brien tells it like it is and he relates well to the players. What you see is what you get with him. I came away with a good feeling about the direction they are taking the program."
While his teammate is taking many different visits, Allen said he's going to be very selective about who he takes a trip to see.
"Ryan and I have talked about playing together if that works out, but it's not a priority for either of us," he said. "He gets to take a lot of trips and I will have to be more selective. I think I'll probably visit Alabama, Michigan, Oklahoma and Florida for sure."
Asked what he likes about each, Allen had a ready response.
"With Alabama I was born there in a place called Anniston and I've always been a fan and have liked the rich history of defense there.
"With Michigan I really like coach Montgomery and the relationship I've developed. It's also a great program.
"Oklahoma I don't know a lot about so I have to research them a bit more but I always liked watching them play and the prestige of the program.
"And with Florida I like the location and the warm weather and I like how they say they'd use me in their defense."
Allen is also considering the two in-state programs but said leaving the state could be likely.
"Location isn't a factor for me at all," he said. "I might prefer to go away. I like Virginia and Virginia Tech and they are both recruiting me hard and I will look at them closely as well."
Allen is unsure when his next visit will be.