Quigley picks up two scholarship offers

Cleburne, Texas, running back/outside linebacker Angus Quigley is a name that not many people in the Lone Star State know too much about. For some reason his name is never mentioned when talking about the top rushers, but it’s a good thing the college coaches know all about him. That’s because the 6-foot-3, 200-pounder is a major player with major talent.
“I separated my shoulder, so my stats are a little down so far,” said Quigley, who rushed for 667 yards as a junior after earning the starting job in the sixth game of the season. “But I started out the season really great. I had 200 all-purpose yards in the first game, scored four touchdowns and had 234 yards rushing in the second game, and then in the third game I got hurt.
“But I’m back.”

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Look out defenses in Texas because once this under-rated back gets rolling it’s hard to stop him.
“I’m more of a speed guy,” Quigley said. “I like getting outside and taking it to the house. I’m more of a guy that likes to get you one-on-one and then break you down and get into the open field.”
Quigley has two scholarship offers on his resume. One in-state offer is from UTEP, where he was scheduled to visit this weekend but can’t because of a SAT preparation class, and the other is from Mountain West power Utah. He’s also getting weekly calls from TCU, Texas A&M and Oklahoma.
And it’s the Sooners that hosted him this past weekend on an unofficial visit for the Red River Shootout.
“It was great,” Quigley said about his time in the Cotton Bowl. “It was great to see how much fan support both schools get and the intensity on the field. Coach Gundy told me that the game was going to be an all-out war, and he was right. You could tell that it means a lot to both of those schools.”