Quentin Williams talks two-sports

It's been a busy summer for Pittsburgh (Pa.) Central Catholic tight end Quentin Williams. The 6-foot-4, 230-pounder has been receiving interest for two sports and is training hard in preparation for some major camps in the coming weeks.
"I've been looking at being a two-sport athlete in college now," he said. "I'm getting a lot of baseball interest and I want to see what else is out there. I'm planning to participate in two camps for baseball coming up.
"The East Coast Professional Showcase and the Area Code Games, there are supposed to be 400 to 500 scouts at the East Coast and more at the Area Code. I'm looking at getting interest from colleges and the major leagues through that. If I do well there, that will change how much interest I get.

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"I'm hearing I have a good chance of going pretty high in the MLB draft. I think I'll look for a school I can play both sports in and get a good education and if the money is right it could be hard to pass up the MLB. I'll have to see what happens at those camps first."
It appears Williams will at least do the safe thing and commit to a school for baseball and football even if he decides to enter the draft.
"I do want to do both if it comes down to it. It would be very tough to pick just one," he said. "I'm really looking at the schools that are giving me a chance to play both sports. Many of the football schools I've talked to said I can do it including Michigan State, Boston College, Stanford, Northwestern, Rutgers, Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Kentucky hasn't offered until they know I'm really interested.
"I think the only one that says they can't is Wisconsin because their baseball program closed down. I am talking to a lot of other baseball schools and they are checking with the football programs to see if they'll offer."
What is next for the three-star prospect?
"I'm just kind of waiting it out," he said. "Before it was more of a football thing, but now I think I want to do both and I'm just sitting back and seeing how things go. I'm getting a bit more interest from baseball.
"I am also looking at some visits, but I'm considering a lot of places and that list can change."
Currently Williams claims there is no timetable on a decision.
Obviously the No. 30 tight end in the country wants to play both sports, but what else is he looking for in a college?
"I just want a solid football and baseball school, somewhere I can excel, play and they can teach me," he said. "I've got to like the coaches. I know I can't rely on specific position coaches. I also want to get a good education. Location doesn't matter that much, but it would be nice to stay close to home."