Quentin Williams adds two offers

Pittsburgh (Pa.) Central Catholic tight end Quentin Williams has picked up two new offers in the past couple weeks. The 6-foot-4, 230-pounder landed one scholarship from the Big Ten and another from the ACC.
"I just picked up offers from Iowa and Clemson about a week or two ago," he said. "Clemson wants me to play baseball and football. I think Clemson is a pretty good place to do that, but I really need to know a lot more about their school. I'm not too familiar with it.
"With Iowa, it's kind of the same thing. They are recruiting me for both. They have a decent baseball program and their football team was one of the first to start recruiting me. I never got an offer from them until lately. It's still an option, although they may be a bit too far away."

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One other school Williams has been hearing from is Louisville.
"It's been pretty quiet, but I did receive baseball and football information from Louisville. I'm not certain how interested they are."
Last month the three-star prospect mentioned how he'd like to play both baseball and football. Has that changed the way schools are recruiting him?
"I think a lot of schools realized if they want me they have to offer baseball," he said. "Almost all of the schools that have offered have said I could play baseball, at least the ones I'm really interested in."
Four schools are getting a serious look from Williams.
"My top schools are Boston College, Rutgers, Northwestern and Stanford," he said. "There are still plenty of other schools out there that have a shot and if I get some other offers things might change.
"I like these schools because of the people I've been dealing with. The coaches have been great people and they are all really good institutions with nice campuses and good academics."
With some favorites already, Williams is beginning to look at visits.
"I am starting to look at officials," he said. "I think I'll do a couple during the season and then three after. My brother will probably end up starting this year for Northwestern, so my family definitely wants to take some trips to see him play. That could be tough with making trips elsewhere.
"I will make it to some Northwestern games. I'm probably going to try to attend the one at Ohio State. That's probably one of the more definite games I'll attend."
The No. 31 tight end in the country is also preparing to open the season on Sunday in Cincinnati.
"We're headed up to Cincinnati for a game on ESPN," he said. "From what I know about the other team that don't run our kind of style of football, but we plan to bring our style there too. We have tons of talent on the team; we're just a bit small on the line, but I think we'll be fine."