Quarterback is looking his offers

Joe Jon Finley is "getting real excited about everything that is going on. I didn’t really expect it all this early. I thought I would get it next year after the season.”
In addition to his offers from Kansas State, Nebraska, Texas A&M and Wisconsin, the 6-foot-6, 208 pound quarterback from Arlington, Texas has been extended scholarship bids from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Wyoming and Texas Tech.
Favorites: "Nebraska and Oklahoma. They’re really big time schools. Nebraska, my brother went there. And Oklahoma is just down the road you know. Texas A&M isn’t too far either.”

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“I’m getting a lot of attention.”
Joe Jon Finley is also getting his share from Southeastern Conference Schools as well. He hears from schools such as Alabama and Mississippi.
“I get a lot of handwritten letters from Arkansas. The Florida coaches came by and watched practice the other day. They took a tape back with them.”
Finley has no summer camps planned quite yet.